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Do you have any interest in Apps blogging or a tech fanatic? Are you trying to find ways to share your tips regarding gadgets and technological insights with millions of users and fans? Or you want to share your experience of tech via sharing insights?

A very simple answer to all these questions is the Productivity Apps! That accepts all type of the guest posts.

Nowadays we are receiving numerous requests for guest posts which acquire a long time of processing. So we have decided to create a bar for them.

Initially, we have up stretched the bars on the basis of quality and types of the content we agree upon but now we impose $30 token fee on each guest post. You may get more information in our Payment plan section regarding the payment methods. So that it might help us to keep a check on cover cost as well as to ensure the quality.

We do not support such guest posts which leads to only sharing your links or of your clients. Moreover, if you want more audience on your articles you will need to enhance its quality and familiarize them with some actionable tips so that they may come to your post in future.

As all-purpose contents of the articles are not liked by the readers so they are not published. The content of your article must contain very specific, clear and straightforward information. We accept only those articles which are a buildup to the main point along with clear and organized headers.

Mostly we use to accept some specific kind of guest posts such as Infographics, How to Guides, Case studies, Tips, Checklists, etc. the prohibited content like Gambling-themed, pornography content will not be accepted. If you want to create an article about cryptocurrencies then, make sure you need to stick to only its technological use and its complete plans and preparations.

For better guidelines you need to follow the given rules:

Instruction for Guest Post on Productivity App

  1. The word count of the article must be from 800 words to 1500 words (300+ for Infographic along with well-ordered headers and sub leaders.
  2. An article must-have one feature HD image for a featured image section.
  3. You may add more images if you think it will give better look to your article.
  4. Only one Do-Follow link is permitted to add in your article.
  5. Cape your link with a square bracket []
  6. If you add other links in your article, please make sure that they must be relatable. You should be aware that our editor may change or delete your links while editing so you need to cape your links for protection.
  7. The most useful guest posts are related to apps, guidelines for buying, online services, and tech, related to gadgets, broadcast technology, devices, generators, home appliances, cars etc.
  8. The content of the article must be plagiarism free and totally unique.
  9. The Technology Niche, guest post is most preferable.
  10. Only relatable links should be added to your article.
  11. Any content which resembles dark web content like pornography, gambling will not be accepted.
  12. Prior to writing, choose topics and send them for approval.
  13. Make sure your finished articles must be approved before making payments.
  14. It is clearly mentioned that price and payment methods are non-negotiable so any related email will not be entertained.
  15. Sponsored post and guest posting are two different things. Any post made for brands or their activities will be termed as sponsored posts. You may visit our advertising page for further details of publication of sponsored posts on Productivity App.

So it has made clear that not all requests are published and those which are published are based upon the quality and existing content. First, you need to take approval of the title of the article and then that of the finished article prior to making payments.

Payment Policies

Our usual price for each guest post is $65 per post. Yet it is only made possible via PayPal.

Sponsored Post

Unlink guest posts, sponsored posts are quite different. They are used for the marketing and promotional causes like promoting brands and their activities. Mostly article of brands of different products is termed as a sponsored post. If you want to know in which category your post will be included then simply send message from contact form.

Footnote on making payments with PayPal.

PayPal payments can be made only for Monthly and freelancer plans. You may make payment in USD or EUR. Though we will not be able to make a payment request for you rather you need to pay through our PayPal ID. So it is must-have to create your own PayPal account and have enough amount in appropriate currency like EURO or USD.

Note that we do accept money through PayPal.

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Amazing Post

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Thank You.! 🙂

by Olivia Rusal on

I have bought many guest post but In case of "ProductivityApps" it was really fast and at a reasonable price. I recommend this site to everyone.