Why The MacBook Is So Popular With Professionals

It’s no secret that Apple appeals to fans of high-end products who are not put off by price. During a financial call in 2008, the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously said that computer users looking for lower-priced PCs “are customers we [Apple] choose not to serve. We don’t know how to make a $500 computer that’s not a piece of junk.” That’s according to CNET’s write-up of the earnings call.

Jobs’ comments may have seemed harsh for those who can’t afford a brand new Apple product and would like the price to be lowered. However, his words only confirmed that Apple’s marketing and pricing strategy are working perfectly.  

Brandon Gaille’s report on the demographics of Apple consumers notes that the average household income of a MacBook owner is $98,500. In fact, a third of Apple consumers are people who earned a salary of at least $100,000 in the year before. The average age of an Apple customer is between 35-44 years old.

The stats show that Apple is doing an excellent job of appealing to those who are well on their way to the top of the career ladder or are already performing at the top of their game. But what is it that makes Apple so appealing to these professionals?

There Are Many Different Types of MacBooks

Apple offers a great range of MacBooks, including the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro, and the standard MacBook. These different ranges also have variety in their size, explains LowEndMac, which says that there are 11-inch, 13-inch, 15-inch and even 17-inch MacBooks (although the latter are quite rare). Each of these offers different specs and different capabilities, including different levels of portability (i.e how lightweight the laptop is).

The reason this is significant is that it allows Apple to appeal to all sorts of different professionals. The MacBook Air, for example, is known for being compact and for having a fantastic battery life. This makes it more than ideal for writers, journalists and those who travel a lot and need to write reports on the go but may not be able to charge their laptop regularly. The MacBook Pro, on the other hand, provides improved technical specs which are ideal for those who need a powerful system capable of running demanding software, such as programmers and game developers. It also allows them to run multiple programs without performance slowdown.

A Suite of Built-In Software

Professionals also love the MacBook because of its suite of built-in software. Included with the MacBook operating system, Mac OS, are programs such as Pages, iMovie, Photo Booth, Numbers, and Keynote. Collectively, these programs provide professionals instant access to the tools that they need to put together invoices and spreadsheets, edit marketing videos, or create presentations when they’re preparing to talk to potential investors and clients. The fact that they are regularly updated and are available for free, in comparison to competitors such as Microsoft Office (available with a paid-for subscription) is a massive win.

It also helps that over the years, professionals across various industries have enthused about Mac OS software, praising its features. Hypebot’s list of famous Garage Band users includes Grimes, who reportedly used the software to get her music career off the ground, and Rihanna, whose megahit Umbrella uses a Garage Band drum loop! This has helped to establish the Apple MacBook as a must-have for ambitious professionals and creators.

MacBooks Are Expensive But Built to Last

Prices for the MacBook will vary depending on the technical specs, whether it’s a MacBook, Pro, or Air, and the release date. But generally speaking, brand new MacBooks are quite expensive. Even so, many are more than prepared to pay this price because they are built to last. Not only does Apple support its MacBooks with software updates, but the hardware itself is renowned for being sturdy and of a high-quality, with many MacBook owners saying that it has been years until they’ve needed an upgrade.

With that said, that doesn’t mean that those who can’t afford a brand new MacBook have to miss out. RefurbMe says prices for a refurbished MacBook Pro 13 inch start at $445 for the base model and shoppers could potentially save $1,000 on a second-hand system. Again, prices will vary depending on the technical specifications of the laptop and the site’s listed refurbished offers go all the way up to $3,139. But it just goes to show that even those who are buying a laptop on a budget will still look towards an Apple MacBook, including considering refurbished and used models, because they recognize the laptops as an investment that’s going to last them for quite some time.

Apple’s decision to focus on a wealthy demographic could have backfired. Those professionals who don’t feel that they are being catered to could easily take their money and spend it elsewhere. But through strategic software and hardware designs, Apple has more than managed to successfully appeal to its target market.

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