Watch Enthusiasts: The Best Apps You Can Download

For watch enthusiasts, living in this connected world can become too much. While most of us automatically thrive with the advances in technology, particularly on the smartphone front, the smartwatch industry that’s burgeoning and is touted to be the next mechanical watch killer is still a point of contention for many. The truth is, purists won’t even consider the smartwatches of today as horological devices. 

But there’s something to be said about apps in smartphones that are born out of the sheer enthusiasm of some people in the watch industry. While the smartwatch era is upon us, there’s no denying the fact that mechanical watches still hold a certain charm for enthusiasts and connoisseurs, maybe because mechanical watches represent the peak of watchmaking. 

If you’re a watch connoisseur looking to incorporate your love of watches to the smartphone that you have in hand, you’re reading the right article. There are a ton of apps and games in both Android and iOS today, but there seems to be a lack of apps that are focused on watches. Mechanical and automatic watches, at that. We’ve collated the best apps you can download that are horologically-centered so that you can extend your passion even on your smartphone:


Every watch connoisseur worth his weight in an in-house movement knows about Chrono24. It started as a website that specializes in mechanical watches – vintage ones at that – and the site soon turned into something so much more than what it was originally intended for. Today, Chrono24, the website, is a mainstay if you need to look for a specific watch from a specific year. 

The Chrono24 app is a representation of the website and more. It’s a streamlined piece of application that highlights available watches for sale like Hublot, Omega, Rolex, etc., as well as timepieces that are coming to the foray. It also has a news section where you can read what’s new in the watch industry, brand updates, and many other things that focus on watches. Free on iOS and Android.

Watch Tracker

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If you’re looking for an app that can accurately track the accuracy of your wristwatch, you’ll need to check out Watch Tracker. The app will sync with the current time on your mechanical watch and will measure the difference at the end of the day. We all know that mechanical watches lose at least 3 seconds of time every day, depending on its movement. 

What’s great about Watch Tracker is that it has an always-updated list of watches so you can easily search for your watch and sync away. Do take note that you’re the one to input into the app what time it is on your watch. The app also displays graphs of variance so you can readily check the differences in certain intervals. 

Watch Box

Watch Box may be one of the most streamlined apps for watch enthusiasts out there. With the app, you can virtually build the watch collection that you already have, or plan to have. For serious collectors, there’s always the nagging feeling of how much really is the collection you have at hand, and how much the timepieces are worth if you’re going to sell it today.

Watch Box answers those questions and more. With your virtual collection at your fingertips, the app assigns prices, make, brand, year, and more to individual watches so that you can see a snapshot of each like a gallery, but personal. There’s also a “Sell” and “Shop” sections where you can put a timepiece of your own for sale and look for great deals on a specific watch, respectively.

Watches Of

Watches Of is a fun, little app that documents every relevant watch in any given year. It’s a great app to be lost to, as you scroll down to great watches released year after year. The app is in its fourth iteration as of writing, and it still is the app to beat when it comes to categorization and the encyclopedic knowledge that it offers.

One of the highlights of the app is that the featured watches are outfitted with great details as well, from movement to material even down to warranty features. You can find big-name brand releases here as well obscure yet equally fascinating watchmakers that released a great timepiece. 


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Being a watch enthusiast will entail a lot of reading and research. There’s no other way to learn about the great art and science of horology than to read the history and literature that are written about it. So if you’re a budding enthusiast, make sure to read up on every little thing that you could find that remotely talks about watchmaking. This way, you’ll have more knowledge and insight into how the industry works!