Use Of Favicon For Brand Strengthening

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The world of digital marketing has evolved at an unbelievable pace in the recent past. Along with that, this evolution process is still in progress. When you talk about digital marketing, the internet age has reduced the need of physical marketing methods. For instance, you do not see companies getting physical brochures printed. Things have changed a lot and so has the face of branding.

Today, if you have a look at successful brands, you would see that all the successful ones have a strong presence on the internet. The logos and company images are marketed in such a manner that people start remembering them. When people start remembering a brand, they become loyal and this is where the revenues start coming in.

The Use Of Favicon For Brand Strengthening

The Use Of Favicon For Brand Strengthening

  • If you have a look at the competition between online brands, it is actually very intense. Brands have to work day in and day out to come up with innovative methods. The more a customer remembers a brand, the greater would be his chances of visiting the brand website and making purchases. When a website has a favicon, it becomes easier for the user to move from one tab to the other. Most people work on multiple browser tabs at the same time. Thus, if a website has a favicon, it can be identified without checking the tab. This is one of the biggest reasons why websites with favicons attain more popularity.

Branding Is Important For Improved Conversions

Companies invest a lot of money on getting professional websites developed. What is the reason behind so much investment? Brands spend so much money so that they can create an online presence. If people know about an online brand, they even search for it directly. Consider that you are running an online brand of casual clothing. If most targeted customers know about your brand, they would even browse the website directly.

  • The use of favicon is a good strategy for branding. Let us go through a related example. People remember brands with the help of many parameters including the logos that they have.  A favicon makes it easier for people to remember the brand in a more convenient manner.

Favicons For The Purpose Of Book Marks

A lot of people use bookmarks for websites which are accessed on a daily basis. No one has the time to go through the lengthy process of typing the complete web address of the website. If you have multiple websites which you access on day to day basis, you would have a bookmark for each of them. This would obviously make it hard for you to choose the correct bookmark. To access a particular website, you would have to click each bookmark and see whether it is your desired one or not. If you are accessing bookmarks with favicons, this problem would not be experienced.

  • The favicon of a website would be viewed on the bookmark as well. Now, here you need to concentrate on one key point. A lot of people have confusions about whether favicons are unique for each website or not. The answer to this question is. Favicons are unique images related to the company. A lot of companies use company logos as favicons but this may not the case at all times.

Tactics To Choose A Good Favicon Image

Can you select any image randomly to use as a favicon? The answer to this question is no. There are certain parameters which you need to consider while picking an image. One of them is clarity and ease of design. Consider that a company comes up with a graffiti theme logo along with a lot of text. As a company logo, there is nothing wrong with this approach. On the other hand, creating a favicon requires the use of a much simpler image. This is because the size which people view is very small. The size of a favicon is much smaller than a standard logo. Hence, the key is using a simple and easy to view image. Let us go through a few more points to understand the selection criteria of a favicon image.

  • Do not select an image with a complicated or cluttered design. The purpose of viewing a favicon is very different from viewing a proper brand logo. With a logo, you can select the most different and innovative design. This is not the case when you are selecting a favicon image. For a favicon, it is always good to pick a simple and easy to recognize an image.
  • The ideal favicon image should not text statements or titles. You should not forget that favicons appear on browser tabs. Thus, the size is quite small. It is obvious that you would not be able to read any text along with the image. In a nutshell, the best practice for selecting a favicon image is going for a simple image that ideally does not have any text.

Summing It Up

Summing It Up

A favicon generator by to convert png to ico using ico converter is quite important if you are running an online brand and you want it to grow. It is one of the best ways to get customers. People tend to visit websites that are easier to remember. For customers, it is hard to remember a brand as so many alternatives are available these days. How can make a potential buyer into a brand conscious customer?

The process is quite simple. You need to present your brand in a repeated and consistent manner. Having a favicon is a good way to achieve this goal. You can present a favicon and the customer would remember it easily as the browser tab would be open in front of him for a long span of time.

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