7 Ultimate Apps That You Must Have In Your Phone

Ever since their inception, smartphones have shown a promising aptitude to become best friends of humans. With their evolution, they have made this possible. Today, a smartphone provides you with a base to install innumerable apps.

These apps are not just software programs but they can do a number of things which can make our daily tasks a cinch. Actually, there is a plethora of such apps available in the app markets with largely similar features. This aspect makes sifting through apps to look for what you need quite a task.

Despite astounding numbers, there are but a few apps which make your phone a one-stop place for everything you ever need. Quite literally. So, without further fuss, let us take a dive into this write-up and learn what those ultimate 7 apps are that can make you prouder as a smartphone owner.

  1. Google Duo



As you see all round, Google has pretty much dominated the smartphone software world. Here as well, it comes up as the first name on our list with its video-calling app.

Google Duo has fast gained the same reputation for video calling as Skype and FaceTime. The most important facet of this app is that it is known to work the smoothest on average connections. Apart from that, there is also an option to level-down to a voice call when enough network strength is not available.

Google Duo is available for free on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. If you haven’t yet downloaded it, you are missing out on a smooth connectivity experience which no other app is capable of providing.

  1. Grammarly Keyboard

Sometimes, getting the grammar right can be a painful task. As such, we all have craved for a solution which corrects our sentences on the go.

Grammarly did just that on our word processors and internet browsers on desktops but now, it has also introduced a keyboard for our beloved smartphones. It started off with an app for iOS and has now introduced one for Android as well.

If you are someone who is often pointed out for spelling “you’re” as “your”, it is your chance to change the narrative with a keyboard that warns you before you tap the send button.

  1. Telegram Messenger

Well, your phone is quite useless if it doesn’t let you socialize. For today’s generation, the best possible way to socialize is through messaging apps.

Even though WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have carved quite a niche with the features they have to offer, Telegram Messenger offers something that they have been unable to: It is light-weight. The messages you send can be encrypted in a way similar to WhatsApp and are saved in an impeccably secure cloud space.

Available across all major phone platforms (including iOS, Android and Windows), this messaging app is definitely worth a try.

  1. Microsoft Outlook

Back in the day when we did not have smartphones, Outlook was a major client for our mailing purposes. Today, it has turned into a worthy alternative to a number of major email apps.

Microsoft has released its Outlook app for Android and iOS as well apart from Windows. One important feature is that it brings together calendar, file management and emails in one place. Further, you need not worry if you don’t have an Outlook ID as this app is compatible with GMail and Yahoo Mail as well.

If you need a simpler mail client with seamless integration and no fuss, Outlook is what you should aim for.

  1. Sleep Cycle

You may have experienced morning blues whenever your alarm sets off at 6 am. Sometimes you need more sleep but that darn thing doesn’t get it.

Fret not and bid goodbye to the old school alarm app on your phone because Sleep Cycle has pretty much changed the game. This app makes use of your phone’s microphone and the accelerator sensor to detect movement to track your sleep schedule. As such, it records and wakes you up at the hour of your lightest sleep which is near to your alarm time. In other words, it understands your sleep better than your alarm clock.

Sleep Cycle is available on both Android and iOS and smartphone owners can definitely leverage the technology in their hands to finally download something worthwhile.

  1. Slack

Employees often have to find a way to stay connected while working or while they are away.

Slack offers a safe and specifically oriented messaging space to an organization’s employees. Apart from official conversations, this app can also be used for unprofessional banter. Further, a special search option lets you look out for relevant conversations you might have missed out on earlier.

Available on Android and iOS, Slack also offers an option to integrate with other productivity apps. If you wish to streamline your official conversations, you will not find a place better than Slack.

  1. Microsoft OneNote

While most companies have offered their own versions of a note-taking app, Microsoft probably wins this one with its OneNote.

With OneNote, Microsoft has offered almost all features for free. You have the options to type, write or even draw on sheets while on the go. Besides that, this app fits a photograph in a note automatically once you capture one.

Giving a tough competition to Google Keep and Apple iNotes, this app is available across all major platforms in this world with seamless cloud integration – start a note on one device and finish it on the other.

If you are a fan of tons of features while taking down notes, Microsoft OneNote is handcrafted for you.

Well this sums up the list of 7 ultimate must-have apps. While these apps give a personal touch to your phone and make your lives simpler, there are some productivity apps available on all major platforms that can keep your growth going as a student even when you are moving around. With a phone in your hand, you have the power to organize your day-to-day tasks in a single place and some apps are definitely going to help you achieve that. If you wish to channelize your productivity and keep your studies in one place, do check out 21 Best Productivity App for Students.

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