Top 8 Education Apps for Students

Technology is a great distraction, but if you know the right apps, it could be an excellent help in student life. Let’s face it, student generation was raised with a mobile phone in their hand and are tech-savvy by nature

. Areas in which apps can help students range from learning assistants, through increasing productivity to help in organization. There are also great note-taking, translation, math, geography, and other apps that can help ease sometimes overwhelming student’s life.

With application stores flooded with thousands of apps, it’s not easy to find quality and suitable software. That’s why we made a list of Top 8 education apps for students.

Best Education Apps

Best Education Apps2

Between trying to manage schoolwork, going out, hobbies, side projects, sports, and other student activities, and being productive at the same time, many students rely on the help of technology. 

Our list of top 8 education apps is just a tip of the iceberg, and if you have time to explore, you can add other useful apps to this list.

  1. SimpleMind Pro

One of the most efficient techniques for learning is through mind maps. SimpleMind Pro allows you to create intuitive mind maps and organize your thoughts, photos, videos, and even voice notes. There are a couple of different layouts, and you can customize the looks. SimpleMind Pro also syncs with cloud services like Dropbox.

2. Student Planner

A great free app that can help students organize their task. A homework planner app gives students options to create a timetable for their class, and you can add assignments to subjects. Student planner can remind you about the task, test, or other commitment. It’s one of the best organizing apps, and sometimes, the choice of the app depends on personal preferences.

3. Evernote

Probably the most popular note-taking the app, that has a lot of additional features. It can serve you as just note-taking with rich text formatting and images, an in-app image describing, and even OCR support. Or you can turn it into a to-do list with assignments and deadlines. 

You can include others to the projects and has interface both on mobile and desktop operating system. It has email and other sharing options, and if used to the full potential, it could be a great help.

4. Quizlet

Studying with the help of flashcards is a popular method of learning before the exams. Quizlet lets you create your own flashcard and study set and study with the help of visually appealing flashcard digital system. 

If you’re not into making your own cards, you can browse through vast flashcards collection from other users.  This useful app will help you speed up your learning process. If you need help with writing, there are similar apps that offer affordable thesis help, or you could even go on many freelancing services. 

5. StudyBlue

This free Android and iOS app is similar to Quizlet. It allows you to upload class studying materials and to create flashcards. You can learn with electronic cards, or share them with your colleagues. There is an option for practicing quizzes.

6. Dragon Dictation

A different approach to note-taking. Dragon Dictation will convert your speech to digital format. After it’s digitalized, apps allow you to send it to other apps, email or share the notes or save it for later use.

7. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram started as a different, smart search engine that generates answers. Many years from its inceptions, it became an excellent app that helps you get answers to many subjects with a bit more focus on math and science. Its advanced algorithms generate reports and answer queries for chemistry, engineering, astronomy, data analysis, physics, and other more technical topics.

8. Duolingo

One of the best if not the best language learning app. It has support for over 30 languages and offers lessons with many gamification challenges. You can listen, speak, translate, or have multiple choices quiz.


There is an app for virtually everything these days. For students, other useful applications include math learning with an app like Photomath, QR code scanners, to-do lists, cloud storage and syncing apps like Dropbox, Google Drive or basic office apps like MS Office or free Google Docs version.

 There is a whole niche of apps that remove distractions. And technology can be a distraction, but since we won’t abandon it, it’s better to embrace the rich world of really helpful and quality applications that could elevate your student life. 

Apps could help you study more productive, efficient, and have more resources.

Bryan Davis is a freelance writer and technology enthusiast. His background includes writing about software-related topics, culture, and education. He is passionate about researching complex topics and presenting them in easy-to-understand forms.

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