A Few Experiences The Internet Will Struggle To Replace

Take these mind-blowing figures in… more than four billion people are online in today’s world, trapesing through more than one billion websites at any one time, sending upwards of a 100 billion emails every day. It would be fair to suggest the world is becoming ever more digitally connected

Everything we do in modern life revolves around the internet. Our daily use of the iPhone, Amazon Echo, and the Apple Watch take virtually any physical task and replacing it with a voice command. We are continuously reminded of the internet’s capabilities when another experience we didn’t think could go online, goes and does exactly that. Virtual reality has developed massively in the past years, allowing one to conduct a plethora of previously unimaginable activities from the comfort of their own home. That said, there are certain things that the internet will never be able to replicate, thanks to one major component — atmosphere. 

Carry on reading as we take a look at the top seven human experiences, that the internet will never be able to digitalise. 

Match Day

Match Day

Arguably, sporting events were digitalised a long time ago, with much of football in 2019 being heavily controlled by television rights, such as those imposed by broadcaster Sky. However, actually attending a match is a completely different kettle of fish. Using football as an example, you get up on the morning of matchday, pull on that shirt of the team you support, and as it’s in the UK, chances are you’ll be putting on wooly hat and scarf too! 

On the way to ground you call by your local watering hole and grab a pint with your pals, discussing the deranged tactics that have been employed by the manager, but how you’re still faithful that your team can bring home those all-important three points. 

The stroll to the ground is nothing shy of electric and, despite the piercing breeze, the surrounding air is warm with pure passion. Regardless of the result, that day is a winner, and one that can’t be replicated at home, watching online or on the television.

Christmas Markets 

Whether you’re a fan of the festive period in December or not, few of us can deny a passion for the Christmas markets. Awash with culture from all corners of the globe, the sheer plethora of smells is nothing shy of beautiful. 

Dutch pancakes, hog roast burgers, macaroons, and moussaka are just some of the sweet and savoury dishes you can expect get your hands on, before washing it down with a glass of mulled wine — delectable, eh? 

Even if you don’t fancy indulging in the copious amounts of continental dishes, the experience of the markets in themselves is so unique that it is unrepeatable elsewhere. 

Family Get Togethers

Family Get Togethers

Often these events, especially with the whole family, are only lucky enough to take place at Christmas time, or at on a big day such as a birthday or a wedding. 

That said, despite the major advances which have taken place through the likes of FaceTime and Skype, helping to connect families from other sides of the globe, there is nothing quite like being together as opposed to on the other end of a screen. Whether it be a games night or an annual meal, the time spent with loved ones, in person, is unmatchable. 


Especially for music fans, seeing your favourite artist live as opposed to listening to them on the radio is incomparable. Thousands of people, crammed together in a field, most likely covered from head to toe in muck— what more could you want? 

Thanks to the establishment of glamping, even for those who don’t like the outdoors, you can now go and make the most out of a festival without having to worry about the creepy crawlies joining you in your tent in the middle of the night. 

It would be foolish to suggest that the power of the internet hasn’t enhanced many of the experiences we have in modern life. Money, time, and a considerable bit of energy is often saved via the technologic capabilities. However, there are certain experiences, that, quite thankfully, have to be witnessed in person.

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