A Guide to the Best Senior Caregiver Apps from Senior Care Center

These days, there is an app for practically everything, whether it is for planning your vacation, having food delivered, or even locating the closest bathroom. Therefore, it isn’t too surprising that several useful apps are available for senior care. We got care experts Senior Care Center to pick their seven favorite ones that are available for both the Android and iPhone – and all of them are free. So get ready to download the best caregiver apps around!

Mymeds – To Track Medications

One of the most difficult tasks for caregivers can be to manage medications. MyMeds takes all medication information and organizes it all in one central place. It also sends your loved one reminders when it is time for her or him to take their meds. Once they take their medication, seniors can click a button and the app will notify a family member automatically.

Red Cross First Aid – Help For Accidents And Injuries

For seniors, falls and other types of accidents inside the house can be potentially life-threatening. The app offers information on how common first aid situations can be handled, from burns to broken bones. Family members also can read tips and take quizzes on how to prevent falls and other types of accidents.

Pacifica – Help With Stress Management

Stress can greatly affect seniors as well as their family members caring for them. Pacifica is rated as the No. 1 app to help reduce depression, anxiety, and stress. Pacifica may be used by both seniors and caregivers to reduce their stress so that everyone is happier.

Carezone – Manage Health Information

From doctor’s appointments to prescriptions, it can be very complicated to try to manage your parent’s health. CareZone aims to make this easier by offering a central repository to store medical information in. It includes to-do lists, a calendar to track appointments, a journal for doctor’s notes, and more. You even can take photos of prescription bottles and the information gets uploaded automatically for you. You don’t have to type it in.

Caregiver Buddy – Help With Alzheimer’s

Caregiver Buddy - Help With Alzheimer’s

The Alzheimer’s Association developed this app. It offers helpful advice for those who are caring for parents who have memory loss. Caregiver Buddy offers tips for issues such as how to prevent wandering and also provides a 24-hour helpline that has live support.

Kindle – For Entertainment

You can read while on the go without owning a Kindle. The app allows you to read eBooks from a mobile device. It is ideal for passing the time while you are waiting at a doctor’s appointment for your loved one. It is great as well for tech-savvy seniors who like to read.

Care.com – To Find Help

It can be difficult to find a good professional caregiver to help care for your loved one. You can use the Care.com app to search through caregiver resumes that are based on certain criteria to locate the best candidate for your family. This app also lets you set interviews up with prospective caregivers.

Hopefully, you can find a few caregiver apps from our list to help you manage caregiving challenges better. There are several apps as well that are designed for helping seniors manage their daily activities.

If you are wondering whether or not assisting living may be the best option for an aging loved one or parent, we are here to help. We offer free home visits that are performed by a licensed nurse in the comforts of your loved one’s house.

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