Gaming Trends That Are Shaping the Future of Video Games

The gaming industry has stood firm over the years. Some fads in gaming merely stayed as short term trends while some others have come to be recognized as exemplary innovations. Gaming trends can never stay stagnant; the reason why resources indicate the gaming market share has generated $138.7 billion in revenue alone. This figure more than justifies why new games will never cease to emerge!

Any company involved with game development and seeking quick recognition worldwide, would resort to frequently releasing invitational games. Yet these advancements require constant application of the trial-&-error method, research and analysis. A new gaming concept never forms overnight. 

game development

Even the smallest of contributions in the gaming community matter. Google Stadia is the talk of the town today but tomorrow, some other exclusive platform would be trending. If you’re adamant upon bringing a change to the future of video games, here are some trends that’ll help you on your journey.  

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) seemed like a far-off notion barely a decade ago but the launch of AR-interactive mobile games such as Pokémon GO proved otherwise. Now AR technology is shaping the future of video games by introducing apps and console games where players can interact with the game in a real-world environment. 

Ranging from AR board games to the horror genre, the AR gaming trend might as well outweigh traditional 2D and 3D games on both smartphones and consoles. If being addicted to smartphones wasn’t enough already, the inclusion of this technology has marked another milestone on the road of ever-growing digital advancements in the gaming realm.

Virtual Reality

Three-dimensional virtual environments are changing game dynamics. Virtual spaces in gaming were not even a reality until the release of the Oculus Rift headset. Now these virtual spaces encompass the domain of Virtual Reality (VR), a technology that was once elusive. 

Virtual Reality

Personalization and real-time interaction with games still seem like a fantasy but video gaming brands such as PlayStation and Xbox have come up with games exclusively meant for VR headsets. Hence, introducing an entirely new gaming experience where the player connects with the game with full conscious control. 

Battle Royale 

Multiplayer games are one of the earliest gaming formats prevailing to this day. The Battle Royale genre didn’t fail at reviving competitive first-person shooting and survival games. Now this genre has become more than a temporary fad. 

Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds commonly known as PUBG, are two renowned Battle Royale games encouraging the developers to incorporate identical game play styles into video and mobile games. This genre is yet to be fully explored so it’s highly likely for a new shooter game to replace Fortnite in no time.  

Blockchain Technology 

Blockchain is a relatively recent addition to mobile app development and online data interchange but the scope of Blockchain is no longer limited to these two paradigms. While it hasn’t fully taken the gaming realm by storm, as AR and VR technologies have, the progress in blockchain games is gradually gaining visibility.

MOBA or Battle Royale games introduced the concept of in-game rewards but these rewards and collectibles are confined to the game itself. Blockchain took the concept of collectibles from these games and brought it to online marketplaces such as OpenSea. While this concept is still new, gamers now have the option to sell or purchase in-game rewards in real-life. 

Open Source Games

Free gaming platforms mostly comprise of online indie games but while these games might be free, the developers had to rely on expensive development tools and exert for years before their hard work made a single game release possible. Ouya, owned by Razer, was launched as a video gaming console where only free and affordable games were available. 

Open Source Games

For those who seek quality yet cheap video games, Ouya has brought a swift change to the gaming landscape. In fact Ouya has encouraged emerging developers to explore the possibilities, in the arena of open-source games, in a bid to develop quality games for their relevant audiences. 


Predicting what the future of gaming holds for us is a lot similar to throwing darts in the dark. Only the technological advancements that form the gaming trends can accurately define the forthcoming changes. Until then, analyze the aforementioned trends to form an expectation of what the near future may hold for video games. 

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