Let’s Study the Checklist of Differences & Similarities of Apple MacBook Models

Apple Phones, Laptops and iPads are like a fruit from heaven’s garden for most of the gadget lovers. Nobody wants to lose the opportunity to buy even an old model of any of its products. When it comes to laptop Apple has three different categories in the section, MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. However, the main focus of the company is now on its two bestselling series i.e. “Air” and “Pro”. The latest MacBook series is the “MacBook Air”, the model is unique in its shape, weight, and size. The latest MacBook model is the revolutionary model in the field of laptops. Irrespective of these major differences in the model, there are certain similarities as well.

Apple has redesigned all its ordinary computers by considering the facts like the style and the ease of use. Other than this, Apple also considers facts such as weight and physical dimensions. Considering and thinking about these facts makes them introduce a better product in the market. Similar to a transforming approach towards in-hand technology like Apple does, the SaimDeals also offers you their best deals you got. Check out them too, which might ease you up if you really need it.

Here is a list of some similarities between MacBook Air and regular MacBook.

  • LCD Screen

The display size of MacBook air is similar to the ordinary MacBook units. The internal video cards of the MacBook air and ordinary version of MacBook are also the same.

  • Keyboard Type

The keyboard of MacBook is similar and of the same size as that of the ordinary MacBook models with a backbit Keys.

  • Leopard

Almost all the MacBook models are equipped with the latest Mac OS X version including the MacBook air and ordinary models.   

  • Processor

MacBook air is equipped with Intel Core2 processor similar to the ordinary MacBook units.

  • ISight And Microphone

All MacBook models including the latest one is video ready as well as you can record files in all MacBook with the help of a microphone.

  • Wireless Support

All MacBook models are equipped with airport extreme hardware (802.11n) as well as with Bluetooth adapter.  

Here Is A List Of Differences Of Macbook Models

  • Cost

Cost is one of the biggest differences between the older and latest models of MacBook. The cost of the entry-level MacBook was just $1,000. However, the latest air MacBook is of $3,000. It is the fact that the expensive MacBook come with the fast processor with great processing speed.

However, if you want to save a huge amount of money in buying MacBook then you can look for refurbished MacBook as well. You can buy refurbished MacBook air at almost two-third or half of the cost.

  • Battery Design

None of the MacBook air owner can swap the battery of MacBook because it is installed inside the MacBook. However, on the other hand, the owners of the other MacBook models are able to swap the battery of MacBook easily at their home.

  • Ports

The MacBook air contains three ports which are USB 2.0 port, a Micro-DVI port, and a standard audio output jack. However, if one wants to increase the number of USB ports of the MacBook then one can buy USB hub. In older versions of MacBook, there was a FireWire port which was a big problem for the MacBook owners the port has been removed from the latest versions of the MacBook.

  • Physical Dimensions And weight

As you know that the biggest updates done by Apple in its latest MacBook model is the size and the style. The height when it is closed is just 0.76″/1.94 cm.

    • It just weights 3 pounds such that you can feel enjoyable while working with it. It is believed that the name air is suggested because of its light weight. There is a big difference between the Apple air MacBook and other MacBook models.
  • Other than this the latest MacBook air offers great processing speed, optical drive and much more. So, it comes out as best MacBook version with its features. If you are limited in the budget, then Buy refurbished MacBook air.  
  • Pretty Pleasing

The new Macbook is not just pretty but also the advanced, updated or upgraded version of Macbook Air. Some specific features, specifications have been updated in the new version whereas some have been totally neglected. But still it is a far better option.

  • Unlimited Color Options!

Where the old Macbook Air is available in just the basic and standard silver color schemes, the new Macbook offers unlimited color choices. So, apart from the features now you have the color schemes to flaunt too! The colors available in the new Macbook are also available in models of iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad too. How about you do some color co-ordinating? The colors you get to choose fro are silver, rose gold, space grey, gold! Simple WOW! Isn’t it?

Although the colors of the Macbook won’t bother it’s performance but still if you are being provided with a plethora of options to choose from why would you not want to have a little fun by choosing a unique color!

So, What Is The Advice We Want To Give Away To You?

If you want a small, light and fancy travelling partner then definitely go for a Macbook. And, for those who prefer a bigger screen then you must go for Macbook Air.

There are some drawbacks with the Macbook which cannot be neglected. It is a 12 inch machine that comes with a core M processor. Although it can carry the most basic and daily tasks with ease like that of sending e-mails, browsing, watching movies, writing  but when you would want to work with applications that need great graphics and fast processor then it will create problems as Macbook would not be able to support the heavy softwares. Open multiple browsers and some heavy excel sheets and it will start heating up and without any fans in the machine it isn’t good!

Conclusion: The cost difference is the huge one among the old and the latest model of MacBook. It is also the reason which makes buying refurbished MacBook air a very lucrative option. Apple knows the needs of its customers and tries to come up with a great product for them. So, to experience greatness just think less and buy the refurbished MacBook air.

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