Say Goodbye To Fake Pinterest Followers

Why Should You Say Goodbye To Fake Followers? Why Should Not One Buy Fake Pinterest Followers?

There are many people around the globe, who are in this hypothesis that the more fans and followers they earn, the more popular their brand tends to be. Hence, people are prone to purchase fake followers because they are in the delusion that the tactics they forged are harmless. They do this to give the illusion of the brand’s popularity. But to be true, fake friends or followers can set a downfall to the business or your brand. The genuine consumers will perceive the brand as not significant, and also they will be in the dilemma of being fooled. 

Social Media Platform : Pinterest

Pinterest is the most prominent social media element all around the globe. It is considered as one of the important platforms for any blogger, artist or any other brand to expand their business. Hence, people are opting to this platform to expand their brand or business.

The Downside Of Purchasing Fake Followers On Pinterest

The downside of purchasing fake followers on Pinterest

If you purchase the fake followers, they will not pin in any of your pins and even if they do, the link will lead to spam. What’s the result? Well, the result will be that the product you present would not appear to the genuine customer’s feed.

Imagine a user is interested in your brand when he clicks the link, he is directed to the spam. He might no more be interested in your brand! He might not consider your brand in the future! Nobody would be interested to click those pins, thanks to the fake users you bought. 

Usually, fake accounts irritate the genuine Pinterest users, Hence Pinterest has developed pins just to segregate these kinds of users. Many such accounts have been pinned red. The question arises how does Pinterest differentiate whether the profile is genuine or not? Well, Pinterest has started pinning flags to those accounts, which have some celebrity figures or avatars as the profile picture. 

What Happens If You Have “ Fewer Followers Per Pin/ Less Engagement” ?

Let us understand this in detail. For instance, you have 100 genuine followers. For each pin, you will get an average of 3-4 repins. Hence, the ratio you scored will be 4/100 or 0.04. The engagement score will be 0.04. 

Drawback Of Purchasing The Fake Follower:-

Suppose you purchased 2000 fake followers. Still, the ration of your pins are 3-4

repins/ followers/ likes. Now, if you check your score, it will be drawn to ( 3/2100), which is more than 90%+ less. Thus, this score will hinder the social ROI. Now, don’t you think the money you spent to gain the user is a total waste, when it is taken into an account of profit and loss?

What Should Be Your Main Motive?

Hence, your main motive should just be to earn genuine Pinterest users. There are two ways to earn genuine Pinterest users:-

Start pinning the good stuff to get genuine followers. Doing this, you will surely earn 1-10 new followers in a day.

Use Viralwoot (a tool): When you use the tool Viralwoot, you can get ample of followers within a month. For this, you need to create an account in Viralwoot, add the Pinterest account, choose your interest and then bloom. You are set to expand your community of Pinterest automatically without making the comprises in the quality of the followers you have.

How To Get Genuine Or Real Followers On Pinterest?

Post The Original Images

Over 88% of pins on Pinterest are re-pins, which means that it is very crucial for your brand to stand out. Hence, it is always better if you post the original graphics, infographics, or pictures that can reflect the message of your brand. 

Adding to it, when you re-pin, ensure that you are re-pinning the content that lines well with the brand that you own.

Use Hashtags And Keyword

Pinterest users specificallycheck about a brand using keywords or hashtags. So, it is important to include keywords or hashtags in your images or descriptions. 

When you add a hashtag in your description, be specific with the descriptive. Ensure that your hashtag or keyword matches with the search intent of the user. 

Let’s say, for example, you pinned about the the healthy recipe for dinner. You used #healthyrecipes instead of #recipes or #healthy. It is not necessary that a user would be seeking for healthy or recipe. Since, you opted used the keyword #healthyrecipe. It will reach to the majority of the audience and hence, you can pitch the targeted audience easily.

Figure Out Who Uses Pinterest

Pinterest is the major social platform in the U.S with the majority of women aged between 25-54. To generalize, there are over 70% women, who are using Pinterest, rest 30% are men. But, this figure is also expanding. So, you should pitch accordingly.

Be Active

Like any other social media site, Pinterest favors active accounts. So, you need to pin consistently, like manually pinning the other’s brand. 

If you have any trouble in keeping up with the latest activity of Pinterest, then try using Tailwind, a tool that allows scheduling your pin of Pinterest in advance.

Note:– When you pin one pin of Pinterest, it can drive the visits of 2 pages and views of 6 pages. Hence, it is vital that you re-pin more often. Take note to go to “trending” and “explore” pages, and re-pin from there. The more you make it a habit of re-pinning and engaging with the other brands, it is more likely that you increase the reach.

Engage With The Popular

Go through the popular feeds of Pinterest. You can do this by browsing the popular feed. Take a note on these feeds and evaluate the commonalities. Formulate, how can you implement these ideas to your content.

When you browse through the popular feeds and go through the content that is compelling, consider to re-pin on your board, follow the user, or either post a thoughtful comment. All these actions will increase the brand value in the social media platform, Pinterest. 

Do not try to overdo, as more comments would be flagged spam. On the other hand, focus on to writing the comments that are sincere. Don’t go beyond one or two words such as “ That’s cool”, “Awesome”, “mind-blowing”, etc.

Follow The Users That Have Got Similar Interests

If there are users with similar content as yours, then it is more likely that they would be your good followers.

Hence, take your time in researching about the competitors, and follow their active followers. Upload the contents that is compelling, the more interesting your content is, the more users would be compelled to follow you.

Aim for the businesses that work well within your own conjunction. For example you are a beautician, then you can follow the companies, who are manufacturers of beauty products, let’s say like Revlon, Chambor, Lakme, Loreal and many more. All you have to do is follow their followers since these followers would be interested in products, it is very natural that they would be interested.

Add The Follow Button Of Pinterest To Your Website Or Newsletter

You should embed the follow button of Pinterest into your website or to your email newsletter to increase the traffic. Since, you would be blessed with the  followers who are genuine in your website or your email newsletter, who are interested in you and your products. Therefore, they are the strong audience that need to be targeted.

Use The Sections Of Pinterest

The section of your Pinterest is very much similar to the H2 section of the blog posts. Thus, it enables you to organize the full board of Pinterest into categories. The users can find exactly what they have been seeking.

Highlight Yourself With Attractive Visuals

The most observed scenario in the Pinterest is that the highlights or the popular pins have got three things in common i.e the pin is interesting, full of actions and beautiful. Pinterest is foremost a platform that has visual followers, so ensure that you put things or images that are engaging and attractive. 

Below -mentioned are some of the picture pointers of Pinterest:-

Always use the image that is high-quality and high-resolution.

Use lifestyle pictures rather than the standard shots of the products. The lifestyle images are more alluring than product shots.

Avoid too busy images

Ensure that you upload the vertically oriented images rather than horizontal ones. The reason is, it possesses a higher impact on the users.

Don’t upload the images that are too long as there are much higher probabilities to cut off. The ideal ratio should be 2:3.

Try to show multiple products in the single Pin. It has been noted that the pin with the multiple products tend to appeals more and always sparks the curiosity among the users. 

Try uploading the video. If you are zipped with the resources, then it is always the best to upload the short video because it has got the power to stand out among the best pictures. If you don’t have, then check Hootsuite’s social video toolkit.

Add A Detailed Description

Always remember, the most interesting Pin generates curiosity among the users to go through your content. Maybe, the image you uploaded grabbed the attention, but the non-alluring caption can drop the interest among the individuals. So pay attention to the stipulating caption. 

Try to provide the descriptions that will compel the users to have a deep interest in your brand. So, go beyond the shorter or descriptions that are single-sentence.

Think Twice Before You Name Your Pinterest Board

The boards are optimized for the search. Hence, you should ensure that the names of your board are specific and also accurate to describe your content.

Use the appropriate keywords in the description as well as in the board name. 

Add the relevant hashtags in the description. If you are confused with the categories, go through the list that is listed and choose the relevant that best fits in.

Final Note

You don’t have to delete the followers, but what you can do is simply block the fake followers. Navigate through the follower’s profile of fake followers, block them by clicking a flag icon. Click the button “block”. Without any warning, the fake users will be blocked.

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