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News AppsIt doesn’t matter how technologically advanced TV screens will become; the news is one niche of television has got out of these big screens. Even desktop computers and laptops are not the preferable devices for the news. The newest trend in town is the news apps that anyone can see on their smartphone screens.

Talking about the smartphone, the Android is one operating system which is widely spread all over the world and much easier to use and utilize than other OS. That is why most of the news companies are now creating and developing news apps to kick-start their businesses and reach maximum people. However, the quantity of news apps on the Google Play Store is confusing people and making it difficult to trust or choose the best news apps for Android smartphones.

That is why here is the article which will help you to know the best news apps for androids so you can keep yourself updated with all the news about the world around you.

Google News and Google NowGoogle News

Starting this list with the giant. Anything regarding internet and Android applications are incomplete without mentioning the Google different products. The Google news and Google now work in the same way as any social media site operates. These apps track your searches and interest just like the Facebook to provide you better news and news items according to your interest. The problem with the Google News and Google Now is that it works on the machine learning.  Be keeping track of you it slowly but gradually starts showing you news according to your interest that makes this app interesting after some time of initial download. So after installing the Google News and Google Now keep your patience because eventually, it has all the ability to become your favorite news app.

AP Mobile

App Mobile

The AP stands for Associated Press. It is the most recognized and penetrating news agency in the world with people at every corner of the world. The agency has the huge team of dedicated reporters that focus on different topics and niches that make this agency a 360-degree news corporation. By keeping the importance of the digital world and the reach of Android apps, the AP also created its mobile app with the name of AP Mobile. It is a highly lite app that can run on almost every other Android smartphone. This app comes with free of the usual glamorous sensations which most of the other news apps use. People with the serious nature and who want to follow only facts, the AP Mobile is a great app for them.

BBC News

Bbc News

The British Broadcasting Corporation or normally known as the BBC is the world’s most renowned news agency. One of the oldest news networks in the world with the unmatchable prestige, the BBC in the account for the digital needs has also come out of TV screens with its app called BBC News. The BBC News app also follows the unbiased news versions and non-sensational way of delivering the news. With just on tap, the app shows news from different parts of the world. Just choose your location if you are interested in regional news or go international, the BBC News app covers it all. Moreover, the interface of the app is also unique. It is according to the latest application development technologies. You can choose any layout from different options and even watch live streaming of BBC on your BBC News app, on your smartphone.


The Reddit is not a conventional news app. This is a blend of news and entertainment. If you are the one who takes his life lite and does not indulge yourself in the complexities of the world, then the Reddit is a fine news app for you. The app is the combination of social media features, news aggregator and messaging boards. By combining all these three, a unique amalgamate of fun and information generates which is highly unlikely to find in any other news app. Through this app, you can get news on millions of topics that in the language of the Reddit app are called subreddits. You can choose any subreddit from your interest, or if the numbers confuse you, you can also choose it by filtering through popularity, controversial, freshness etc. Because this app is from the category of very few news apps that allows you to communicate with different users of the very same app, the Reddit becomes the most engaging and interactive news app. As a hardcore news reader, you would not find Reddit app interface news reader-friendly, but this app will amaze you time by time the moment you start using this app. 

News Republic

News Republic

Unlike AP or BBC, the News Republic does not have their immediate representatives in different parts of the world. Instead of reporters and journalists, the sources of the News Republic are those news agencies who are reputable around the world. So you can say that this agency instead of digging news for their own prefers to take the authentic ones through someone else sources. That is why it is easy to say that having one app with the name of the News Republic on your smartphone is like having different news apps in your pocket. Through this, you can get all the trending news daily digest and biggest of the news with a slight delay than the actual source. However, in return for this delay, you get the views of different news agencies and promise of news authenticity.

CNN News

Cnn News


Just like the BBC News, the CNN is also one of the biggest fish in the pond of news. The CNN was the first 24-hour cable news channel with coverage even larger than the BBC initially. Although the CNN News app is not specially developed to serve the purpose of news or as in the competition of BBC News, the CNN News app is the condensed version of the CNN website. People also call it as the mobile version of CNN website which is quite similar when you browse CNN website on the mobile browsers. However, due to credible news and fastest access to news, the CNN News app was hard to keep out of this list.

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