New Samsung Smartphones Price List in Singapore

Although the smartphone market is getting competitive, Samsung remains squarely at the top. This Korean tech giant is continuously expanding the bar for handheld apps to new heights with its newest flagships. When you’re a huge fan of the latest Samsung Note10, this mobile brand is for you. Rack85 Samsung Online Store will help you find your dream Samsung phone. 

Here are some of the reasons why Samsung phones are top-notch products to own:

Best Display Screen in Industry: 

No other company can compare to Samsung mobile when it comes to display screens. The company is best known as the first to add OLED displays to its smartphones. Over the years, technology has slowly advanced, with the new Samsung smartphones now sporting Super AMOLED screens providing reliable color reproduction, bright colors, and deepest blacks. Also, the biggest rivals in the market are unable to catch up to the quality of the best display screens.

Varied Array of Smartphones to Pick From:

Another reason why Samsung has continued to capture market share over the years is that it serves a wide variety of markets at all price points. Not only does it have luxury flagship smartphones; its presence is also seen in mid-and low-budget categories. If you want a smartphone with superior image quality or a durable cell phone that can survive unintentional drops, survive dust and snow, Samsung has a handset for you.

User-friendly innovation:

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Samsung phones have a range of software and applications that make life simpler for consumers. In reality, many of the latest features seen on smartphones today have been pioneered by Samsung. Take Samsung’s own robotic assistant, Bixby, for example. It’s an all-encompassing smartphone assistant that incorporates machine intelligence, speech assistance, and visual support in the new Samsung flagships. The remarkable service that the company is selling is the Samsung Pay e-payment service. This app turns your smartphone into a wallet so you can go cashless any time you shop!

Top-of-the-line safety features: 

As smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, it is vital that any information stored on them is safe and protected. Therefore, the company also aims to implement improved security controls on its products to ensure that sensitive information is not compromised in any way. From sensitive fingerprint scanners to innovative facial recognition technologies, Samsung is leading the way in adding sophisticated security features to smartphones. Besides smartphones, Samsung also manufactures a range of other electronic products, including laptops, Bluetooth headsets, and smartwatches.


FAQ’s related to Samsung:

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 Are Samsung mobiles waterproof?

Most of the new Samsung flagship models have an IP rating-a measure of how resistant the device is to dust and water. Although not fully waterproof, several Samsung Galaxy phones are water-resistant up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. Samsung’s water-resistant phones include the Galaxy S10 Lite, Note10, Note9, S9 Series, Note8, S8 Series, S7, and S7 Edge.

When will Samsung release new phones?

Android fans are warming up for thrilling new launches of Samsung phones last year. Following the usual trend of previous years, the behemoth mobile will reveal the new Galaxy flagships in February or March.

What’s the best Samsung phone in 2020?

Equipped with a 4.100mAh battery and an ultra-wide-angle display, S10 Plus is undoubtedly the best Samsung phone in 2020. Photography fans would like to get their hands on the sleek S10 Plus because they can catch colors in the most natural way possible.

Many Samsung followers also voucher the efficiency of the Galaxy Note10-a phablet that features similar camera features to the S10 Plus. Not only is Note10 lighter and slimmer than Note9, but it is also compact to hold for a large display device. As for the battery, the Note10 is the fastest charging device on all Samsung phones to date. Note 10 is included in the

New Samsung Smartphones Price List in Singapore

Samsung Galaxy S20 S$ 988.00
Samsung Galaxy A51 S$ 348.00
Samsung Galaxy S10 S$ 575.00
Samsung Galaxy Watch S$ 296.00
Samsung Galaxy Note10 S$ 688.00
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra S$ 1,458.00
Samsung Galaxy Fold S$ 2,050.00
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 S$ 549.00
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus S$ 609.00
Samsung Galaxy A10 S$ 167.99


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