Mobile App Development Trends That Will Dictate in 2019

Over the past few years, mobile apps have drastically changed our lives. And because of their immense popularity and usability, they’re a wonderful opportunity for both the startups and MNCs.

Not only this, the tech experts have claimed that the mobile app development industry is a rapidly growing industry, and it is not going to stop in the coming years as well.

With the advancement in the technological trends coming into existence every day, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that 2019 will surely be the year of mobile apps. This will open the door for many opportunities for the appreneurs and enterprises to do business efficiently.

Given below are some of the promising mobile app development trends that are going to lead in 2019. So, let’s read on to learn more:

# Trend 1- The Era of AR/VR has Begin

AR and VR are highly advanced technologies, and there is no doubt about it. Their use will not be bound to gaming applications anymore. 

The tech giants have already started building lots of use cases for both. For example- Apple and Google have released new AR demos for their latest devices. This proves that AR/VR can be a game-changer in the future.

In fact, these technologies will soon be going to be used on the social media platforms for promotions and targeting the potential customers. For instance, Snapchat and Instagram have introduced their AR filters, which can transform a human face into several hilarious digital characters. 

# Trend 2- Internet of Things (IoT) gain popularity

# Trend 2- Internet of Things (IoT) gain popularity

IoT has created much hype all around the world and will continue to do so. It has uplifted diverse industrial verticals likewise healthcare, construction, transportation, eCommerce, etc. 

The big brands, such as Honeywell, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Bosch are making the most out of this technology.

The recent IoT app development trends like Nest Smart Home, Google Home, and Kisi Smart Lock are grabbing the attention of the tech nerds.

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# Trend 3- Rise of Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI and ML have made a strong foothold in the mobile app industry. Chatbots are the perfect example for AI, while Siri is a combo of ML & AI.

Note that, the potential of these two technologies will no longer be restricted to Chatbots and Siri. Many organizations have embraced the AI app development to earn huge profit and cut down the operational expenses in different forms.

# Trend 4- Cloud Storage Becomes Necessary

With technological progress, the necessity for the integration of the cloud-based app becomes vital. Even the world has realized its amazing list of benefits.

For instance, less hosting cost, enhanced loading potential, and aligned business process are some of the best things about the cloud. With this, it quickly resolves the security-related concerns, thus, making the mobile app development safe and reliable.

By using cloud technology like Dropbox, AWS, SlideRocket, it is convenient to build robust apps that will operate directly from the cloud.

# Trend 5- Increase in Mobile Payment  

There is no denying in the fact that there is a great demand for the mobile payment solution. Due to this fact, the banks have started offering mobile banking services

Nowadays, the users wanted frictionless payment methods with their mobile apps, and that’s what the mobile wallet provides. Paytm is the best example for the mobile wallet, which is created a buzz in the app industry, and we can expect more businesses to try their luck in this realm.

So, in 2019, the mobile wallets and payment integration that gives top-class of secured encryption will become prominent in mobile apps of all type.

# Trend 6- Growth of Wearable Apps 

As people are getting inclined towards trending technologies, we can witness more innovative ideas being executed. The wearable apps fits properly in that frame, and its market will definitely get a hike in 2019. 

The smartwatches not only embellish your personality, but it has become an essential device for many departments.

If you’re doing workouts and exercising daily at the gym, the wearable apps will give information about the total distance you’ve covered, and the calories burnt. Plus, these apps help in monitoring the health parameters like blood sugar level, heart rate, cholesterol, etc.  

# Trend 7- Beacon Technology

We think that you should not be alien with this terminology of the mobile app dictionary. And, in 2019, we will see it in a much better way.

The Beacon technology will not only limited to attracting customers towards the store, and sending out notifications. But, it will be used in airports, mobile payment beacons. With this, the users will acquire useful information in a seamless way. 

# Trend 8- Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP is a shorter version of the HTML that provides high-grade performance, and fast load time of the website. 

Google and the Guardian are the major players for the AMP services. It works exactly like the Search Engine Optimization to improve the app ranking and attain higher traffic and visibility on the search engines.

# Trend 9- Robust App Security 

It’s a common trend that is implemented by Google and Apple every year, which offers solid security features.

This year, mobile app developers will work relentlessly to give protection to illegal activities like phishing, hacking, etc. 

So, these are some wonderful mobile app trends that are going to dominate the app world in 2019. 

Winding Up

Undeniably, mobile apps have become indispensable in our lives, and it’s difficult to think a day without an app. We are highly dependent upon the applications for doing the crucial activities like ordering food, buying clothes, booking cabs and tickets, online banking, and a lot more things.

That’s why the users look for the speedy and responsive app that is built as per the latest technologies. The trends keep on changing at a regular interval of time whenever a new version of the OS or an app gets an upgrade.

It’s really important for the developers to keep a close eye on what’s going on in the app industry as well as the announcements made by Google and Apple for the latest trends to be adopted for optimal user-experience. 

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The author is a deft mobile app developer, working at Sparx IT Solutions for many years. He has good working experience in handling complex projects of any business vertical. In his spare time, he loves reading about the latest development in tech trends.

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