The 7 Basic Features That Will Hopefully Return To The MacBook Pro

(Guest Post) The 7 basic features that will hopefully return to the MacBook Pro

The classics are always more touching and sentimental, leave long-lasting marks on the hearts. Likewise, we all move ahead with innovative advances, progressing towards betterment and facilitation that make our lives expediently at ease. However, simplicity lacks in its true nature whenever you look towards sophisticated gadgets. You always need to the buyers trend, what people are actually doing in the market. What they actually like and prefer to buy. No doubt, this is one of a hard job to satisfy the buyers, but aftermarket trends, we can make the right decision. Furthermore, speaking of classics in a retrospective approach, Apple Inc.’s finest MacBooks, these became their major line of signature PCs. If Apple today or even in the future, goes bankrupt, MacBooks will always act as their synergistic currency amongst the public.

For me, there is always an academic perspective in run-down devices, and how they feel to be like a family unit, especially if they are usably inherited among generations. Old school is always brilliant and memorable turn out goosebumps all over our bodies.

MacBook’s isn’t something cheap, which you could take a grip on to its thin frame encased workstation to put on a claque skid all by yourself. Check out Best Macbook at, having all those nostalgic episodes of their very first Macs would definitely embrace those basic computer spec magnetism that once assisted them to secure their life careers. These are the following features that no core MacBook lover would discard if they’re getting them enveloped back in their tech-savvy Mach machines.

USB Ports

USB Ports

Ports are always been a key factor to link up machines to do a much better performance with all their projected estimations. From a basic telephone, that hitched an encircled plastic disc, holed with numbers embossed on them to the most complex computer gizmo present to this day. USB’s have transfigured a lot over the past years with the idea that these dockings aren’t much of the prerequisites of today.

Today, the dongle life is generously laid-back expedite, keeping up the well-known Apple ecosystem running smoothly. Nonetheless, the synchronous always had a huge setback in this regard, when you are looking to your unadulterated practice of connecting your machines with gadgets.

From being a type A USB user to getting along with the type-C ones, USB’s always worked wonders and played an integral part when it comes to the audible connectivity, PC-to-mobile software running (iTunes), so on and so forth. However, most importantly, USB’s keep your peripheries at one place, leaving you worry-free of losing any of your tech trinkets of today. Apple, please fix this ASAP, or get one piece bitten off more from your logo.

Escape Key

Escape Key

Apple has introduced the Touch Bar, and it’s really a great innovation when it comes to key impressions. However, things would have got much better if the ‘Escape Key’ wasn’t shown the way out of the typing frame.

Apple MacBook’s have been doing well, but never been with the most crucial basics, getting rid of them in the run. I really don’t find it agreeable amid disposing of one of the most essential buttons ever to exist on a keyboard of Apple’s most innovative compact module up to date.

PCs and even laptops have the escape key for years and still, keep it intact due to its critical usage. Whether you are a programmer, a gamer, or even a nonprofessional everyday user, this key is one of the most important switches. It lets you turn on and off those halted systems due to the surplus data, which is functioning in and out within the Chip east circuits.

Apple should reconsider their patents when it comes to the patents they make of many of their different tangible segments. We all wish we could get back the escape key back for the last time. This key could be inventively integrated into the newest generations of gadgets as well.

SD Card Slot

SD Card Slot

Apple Inc. is truly the true spectrum when it comes to the high-end technology wedged into up-to-the-minute machines inherited with apps and widgets. It’s really weird for not having one of the most multifaceted slots, which lets you hitch up your main piece of equipment with other gear and tackles as well.

The SD Card is one of the most important units for photographers, videographers, portfolio makers, as well as those people who really want to something all by themselves. MacBooks sure need this breather to let it gasp in a little more space to utilize your memory for the database you are working on.

External Battery Level Indicator

External Battery level indicator

Simple yet sophisticated. The tiny button when pressed gave us the indication of the drained out power consumption. This was really an exquisite entail impressively ingrained at the top of the keyboard. A minuscule light glow gave total proximity of how much your battery life is available until the next charging plug-in.

This indicator was one of the most central signals to let you manage your work outdoors, keeping you alert of how much power you have left to go on productive on-the-move.

Clever Power Adapter

Clever Power Adapter

From the long living genesis of Apple MacBooks, the clever power adapter had a few tabs to settle all those wire negligence. It was really easy to wrap and set back the cable to let you connect your Apple laptop back, letting you refuel your E-book at a full powerhouse cell recharge.

Nowadays, the latest charger is recognizable as its older predecessor but lacks those kit knits to let you easily accumulate the lead back after usage. This component copyright was seen on Steve Jobs 2001 patent and was really a superior one indeed when it came to tackling of irksome moments of handling wires. This terrific flexible unit disappeared right after the USB-C was introduced in 2016.



I really don’t why Apple has become so selfish over the past few years, destroying everything that is critical at all ages. However, things really go dead one time or another, but there are some specs that really do need to be respected even when they have spent too much time hanging out there.

The Mag Safe was a genius thing Apple integrated on their MacBook laptops, keeping things safe and sound with the help of the use of a magnet. This power cable was one of the safest ways to connect your machines to wall sockets, not dragging the whole device in case anyone gets booby trapped while tripping on the wire.

This connector really needs a revival by Apple Inc. without any postponement. We all know today that people have become too much careless, since complex devices supporting them in their daily life routines without any hassle-free burdens.

Bring The Classic Keyboard Back

Bring the Classic Keyboard back

How can we be too greedy to get off that basic keyboard out of sight, giving us a fingertip touch-sense on the keys handily? We all love that button-rooted smart keyboard, giving us a much slimmer MacBook than ever before. Nevertheless, let’s be real guys! The decisive functionality of the laptop always count on those tiny square bricks and having them suitably adjusted over the top really can ramp up your business with no cramping at all.

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