Jobs That Require Little or No Experience

People who are either fresh graduates or even those who are still completing their studies but have to or want to grab a job to make their lives easier find it hard to get a job which needs minimum or no experience at all. Well-established organizations require people who have a good amount of experience and would help collect some profit for the organization. Fresh graduates and undergraduates aren’t able to come up to that level.

For those people who don’t have any job experience and wants to start their career, there are a few jobs which require little or no experience which would give you the exposure of a workplace along with a professional experience without needing to have experience. Some of these jobs include;

1.   Customer Service Representative.

Every organization needs a customer service representative. Being a customer service representative, you don’t need to have a work experience. Few of the specifications needed to be able to perform this job well is the ability to communicate fluently and being persuasive or convincing. Example, of it is the customer service representative at online apparel site hjacket, who is responsible to answer the queries of the customers, solve their issues yet convincing them to buy their latest products James bond suit.

This is an entry-level job. The job description of a customer service representative is to communicate with the customers, help them resolve their queries and provide technical support at times.

2.   Home Care Aid.

One doesn’t need to have an experience to be home care aid. The job of a home care aid is to provide medical attention whilst the patient is at their home and not under observation in the hospital. Home care aids can also help senior citizens to do their daily tasks like changing bandages, giving injections or even helping them exercising or walking. Being a home care aid is one of the best options for people who want a job but do not carry any experience with them.

3.   Nanny or Baby Sitter.

Being a nanny does not require any experience. It might carry a little skill. Skill to carry and entertain the child throughout the time they are supposed to be babysitting them. Babysitting includes taking care of ones’ child when they aren’t home. Getting them dinner, entertaining them, tucking them in bed and making sure they are safe and sound till their parents come back home.

4.   Public Relations Assistant.

Being a public relations assistant doesn’t require any experience. Although, well-established organizations make sure to provide a one or two year training programs for these positions. The main job of a public relations assistant is to carry on a professional conversation between the client and brand with their target audience. Businesses need such an individual who can carry such conversations in a proper and professional way when they aren’t in the position to answer those calls and conversations themselves.

5.   Real Estate Agent.

Becoming a real estate agent doesn’t require any experience although to become a legal real estate agent, one needs to do a 60 hour course. Real estate agents are just people who find people who need to buy a house or even an apartment and people who wants to place an offer on their places. Connect these two and just keep an amount of commission in between. Being a real estate agent, one needs to be convincing, persuasive and should be able to portray themselves as a trustworthy agent.

6.   Medical Assistant.

Being a medical assistant doesn’t require any specific amount of experience. It may require a time period of training to be able to handle the small issues of patients in the hospitals. They perform daily tasks for the doctors like noting the patient’s sugar and blood pressure, temperature or other small issues. It is one of the most respectable and preferred jobs for people who have knowledge of medical but doesn’t have any experience.

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