Awesome Tips on How to Shoot a 4K Video With Your Smartphone

Your smartphone has become your constant companion that will connect you both to the web and the outside world. It’s your all-around device that you take almost everywhere. With all the added enhancements, it has also become a useful tool in professional photography and videography.

Since your smartphone has a camera, it can definitely shoot videos. However, all those videos won’t do much good if they’re low-quality! Below are some tips to help you shoot a 4K video with your smartphone.

1. Begin With the Right Settings

Begin With the Right Settings

Before you start shooting videos on your phone, make sure you set it up properly:

Video Resolution

The first thing you need to adjust is the video resolution. This refers to how large your video is going to be. The most common options are 1080 HD and 4K, with the latter being the larger resolution. Since our goal here is to shoot a 4k video, then you should choose the 4K option.

Frame Rate

This refers to the number of individual frames per second (FPS) your video will record. Many will commonly use 60 and 30 fps, but there’s also the 24 fps if you prefer. The higher the fps, the smoother your videos will be.

2. Clean Your Lens

This is quite simple, but some still tend to forget this. Always clean your lens prior to shooting a video. Your lens should be clear to avoid producing blurry videos. You can use a microfiber cloth when cleaning your lens.

3. Improve Video Quality

Improve Video Quality

Your smartphone’s main design is not to shoot videos, which is why it won’t be the most ideal experience. It doesn’t have the essential features of a high-quality camera, so you need to do some adjusting. Here are some ways to improve the quality of your videos:

Orient Your Phone

When shooting videos, it’s always best to position your phone horizontally. Taking videos in landscape mode gives a better viewing experience. Shooting in portrait mode means your video will have those black bars on the sides, which reduces the quality of your video.

Forget Backlighting

Always make sure that there is no light source or even a window behind your subject. This will make them appear like a silhouette. If you need to use light, position it on the sides or behind you (the one shooting the video).

Use Both of Your Hands

Either you’re taking a picture or video, it’s good to use both hands. This will keep the phone steady and will prevent taking blurry results Smartphones today mostly come with optical image stabilization, but using both hands will further ensure you’re taking clean videos (and photos).

Lock Focus

Lock your phone’s focus on your subject when shooting videos. If you have an Android device, tap on your LCD where you want it to focus. If you have an Apple device, hold your finger in one place, also where you want the phone to focus. This will put emphasis on your subject and will make your video appear professional.

Check Your Audio

Excellent audio quality is also essential for a strong video. Most smartphones come with improved microphones. There are even Bluetooth microphones available now for better audio for your projects. You just need to check if they are functioning well by doing a test video first.

4. Use Accessories

Use Accessories

Since smartphones are not really built to shoot videos, you may not be too satisfied with their built-in features. The good news is, various accessories are available to help improve the quality of your videos, especially if you’re into vlogging. Here are some essential accessories you might consider having:


Without a tripod, your hands’ vibrations might reflect on your videos. This will significantly lower their quality. Tripods will keep your smartphone steady, especially when shooting in timelapse or low lighting.

The Ollo Clip

The Ollo Clip is the most recommended lens for iPhones. It’s a detachable tool that comes with different functions for videography. For instance, some clips are useful for wide angle shots, while others the macro zoom.

Portable Microphone

Having a portable microphone will provide better audio quality when shooting videos. You will simply connect it to your smartphone through your headphone jack. It will then record directly to your preferred recording app. You can see a lot of this on the market, just be careful when choosing the right brand.

Wide Angle Lens

Using a wide angle lens will allow you to take as much scene in your videos and pictures. This will make it easier for you to frame your shots. This way, you can spend more time on other things, rather than stressing yourself in getting the perfect shot.

Back-up Batteries

Many overlook how important batteries are. When shooting high-quality videos, it’s likely that you’re going to use other equipment. This is particularly true for professionals who love to travel and shoot outdoor videos.

To make sure you can use all of your equipment, always have back-up batteries. With all the things you’re already carrying, it’s ideal to have flexible ones. A great example is a V mount battery.


Sharing your videos with others means they’re going to watch them from different devices. These can include televisions, computers, laptops, tablets, and more. To give them a different level of viewing experience, you have to shoot your videos in 4k resolution. With all the tips included in this article, you can be confident that you’ll shoot your videos at a professional level!

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