How To Run Android Apps on Windows 10 & Windows Phone

How to run Android Apps on Windows

Seems’ so rarely possible to think mobile when you’re sitting on a chair while your hands are resting on a table during a head to head operation of digitized operations. But yes! This is indeed a thing and now you can literally integrate your Android apps on the Windows operating system. There a few popular emulators that you can try to run your favorite miniature screen apps to the vista-viewing LCD’s you’re beholding right now in front of yourselves.

The two most popular ways to connect your mobile with your computer is by using smartphone app software enhanced emulators for your PCs and next to it is dual booting. So here’s what we have gathered for you guys, keep in mind with the common practices of the practicability phone-PC phenomenon connectivity.

The following are a few ways you can use in order to influence your PCs with an integrated computer-phone experience.

Running Android Apps On Windows Via Blue Stacks

So, here’s probably the most advance emulator of all that delicately designates your smartphones operable for your PCs.  Blue stacks are the supreme choice for users looking to play up their favorite mobile apps on their desktops.

So what’s the really hot rolling deal out of it and why is this such a presentable/usable UI enhancer when it comes to a mobile-desktop experience?…

The answer is really simple to it. It’s the amplification of the integrated UI as you engage with a customized PC view that makes it totally effortless to steer maneuver emulating settings for loading apps. Your desktop becomes really a “piece of cake” when you’re playing your best phone apps like Facebook, UC Browser, Whatsapp, Angry Birds, Clash Royal, and many more.

The ‘Layer cake’ integration uses optimal hardware accelerations to augment your smartphone games running on Android smoothly playable on your desktop OS Windows. Rest assured, if you’re running RAM hoarded desktops (8 gigs or more), you can even broadcast your apps directly from the Blue stacks emulator app window. Remember,  is free but requires a 2-3$ subscription per month

Here’s how you can install it on your PC and get the best Android apps experience:

  • Open up your browser and visit the official Blue stacks website to download the emulator. Though, you can install Blue stacks from other websites as well. The recommended websites always rest on the very first page of your Google/Firefox/Opera/etc browser.
  • Now you’re ready to install the app. Launch the install application and get ready for the next-next procedures. Unfortunately, you cannot change the directory for installing the Blue stacks app because it’s already set to your Windows boot drive by default.
  • Now nothing’s new at all. Once you’ve downloaded and installed Blue stacks. Now simply open it up and log in with your Google authorizations and other required IDs.
  • Get ready to enjoy some exciting Android apps right on your computers with the best cake UI crux layered in-windows PC controllable venture.

Here’s the list of some best Android PC emulators you can try besides Blue stacks:

  • Andy Android Emulator.
  • MENU – the best substitute for Blue stacks if you’re looking to take a little break from it.
  • Droid 4X.
  • Nox App Player – MENUS next choice for you.
  • Geny Motion.
  • Wind Roy.
  • Marinara Android Player.

Take note mobile gamer’s – Blue stacks and Andy are some of the best dual OS applications to let you play Android games on your computers’ core-graphic smooth as slick. The former one is the most recommended.

Running Android Apps on Windows via Dual Booting

Running Android Apps on Windows via Dual Booting

There’s no denying that emulators are the most widely used mobile-PC app purposeful application you can install. Nonetheless, the second usable procedure in this regard is always the dual boot processing. This process is resourcefully uncompromising and requires a more even-tempered involvement. This setup transfigures your PC into something more personal – your table atop smartphone ready to play with more sharp-sighted compliance. Known as boot/booting, meaning that when you start on your computer, you gain boot access to your primary PC mainframe. This is why dual booting keeps an upkeep flow between the two tech-savvy OS giants.

In case, the dual booting process is causing disturbances while running on your computer. You should realize it’s a known fact that your PC is running different Intel chips, hard drive models and installed drivers, varying graphics cards from your smartphone’s Snapdragon/Kirin/Qualcomm/Apple Fusion/etc. All you have to do is find a customized third-party installer guide to keep up your dual booting application operating smoothly.

So here are the top dual booting

Android PC Ports – Exclusive Android OS for PCs

Android PC Ports - exclusive Android OS for PCs

Give yourselves a more immersive Android to PC experience with some great exclusive operating systems meant to coordinate the two complex chipset machines. Try these:

  • Phoenix OS – the best rival revival against the now-obsolete Remix OS.
  • Android-X86 – an amazing open source project that pursues to run fresh Android experience. The best is that you can customize the UI according to your preferences. Third party themes, home screen displays, etc. This is one of the best Dual OS experience right here for you guys.

Indisputably, smartphones have emerged as one of the best compact computer gadgets themselves operating on the best computer OS up to this date – Windows!

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