How To Delete A Group On Facebook Account

Well, everyone these days is a Facebook user. I have seen kids below 5 years now have a separate Facebook account and more surprisingly they know how to operate it. Are you shocked? Yes, I felt the same when I saw them using Facebook. This generation is so up to date. Trust me or not. I am happy about it but at the same time, we all need to be more alert and pay more attention toward our kids. Making a Facebook account or page is so easy. You just need to follow few simple steps and you are now a Facebook member. But in case you want to leave it, or you want to delete any Facebook page then you are at the right place.

In this article I am going to tell you guys “How to delete a Facebook group or account”. If your routine is so tough and you can’t manage the time to pay attention to Facebook groups or account then one option is to delete them. You can delete your account as well as Facebook group and get back to it when you have much time to manage it. below are some simple steps that might help you. Let’s have a look on How to delete your Facebook group or account.

How To Delete Your Facebook Group

Groups are no doubt a valuable thing that can give a new boost to any online business. And sometime group itself is a business. But in case it’s a right time to delete a Facebook group, either it’s not working in the way that you have planned or it is taking much of your time giving you less benefit then deleting Facebook page won’t hurt that much. I am here going to discuss how to delete Facebook page and throwing some alternatives that can prevent you from deleting the group. As it is the drastic decision and you will lose all of your members and threads with them.

Change The Group Name

If your Facebook group is not working in the way that you have planned. Then go for some alternatives instead of deleting it straight way. And changing the group name is one good option. You can change the group name in few simple steps. Let’s have a look on them.

  1. There are three dots under your group cover photo. Can you see them.
  2. Click on them, there will be a drop-down menu.
  3. Go to edit group settings.
  4. Now you can type new group name in the Coolum saying, “Group name”
  5. Change the name from here.

It might help you to gain attention of more Facebook audience you might cancel the plan of deleting Facebook group.

Change Cover Photo

Changing the group cover photo can also be a nice option. Replace your cover photo with either the business-related picture or try to make the cover photo more attractive one to gain more attention from the audience. Changing cover photo is quite easy and i am sure you all will be aware of it already. In case no then see the steps below.

  1. Just go to the edit photo option.
  2. You can see this option on the cover photo.
  3. Click it and choose one photo that either has your branding or logo on it.
  4. It’s quite easy and simple.

Delete Your Facebook Group

If the above two options are not helping you. And you still want to delete the group then that’s fine. But one thing I need to tell you is that there is no going back. Once you have deleted your group, you will lose all the data and the contacts. And there is no archive option as well.

Following steps guide you “How to delete your Facebook group”. Remember that only group creator can delete the group. You need to be admin to do so.

  1. First step is “go to the member tab”
  2. Click on it and start removing members one by one.
  3. Once the last member is removed the group will be deleted automatically.

Before deleting the group, make sure you have announced it in the group. So, all the members will be alert. And they can save any information, picture, or video from the group.

How To Delete Facebook Account

Deleting or deactivating Facebook account is one option if you have felt that Facebook is eating much of your time. or you are exhausted. There is nothing wrong in taking a short break from social life and get back to it after a while. Deactivating Facebook account doesn’t mean that you will lose all the data and contacts. It’s just like that you will be on vacation and will be back in a while. So, your data will be save. you will just disappear from the news feed of your friends and family.

So, don’t hesitate, you are going to loss nothing. If you want to delete your Facebook account then just follow few simple steps below and you are done.

  1. Firstly, go to the arrow on the top right of the screen.
  2. Click on it and look at the drop-down menu.
  3. Go to settings and then account settings.
  4. Here you can see “Manage account” option.
  5. Click on it and delete or deactivate your account.

You can re login whenever you wants to.


Though Facebook pages and groups are very fun to use at time. and it might be drastic decision for you to delete your Facebook account or group. But it can be profitable for your business or family life. above are few simple steps that will tell you “How to delete your Facebook group of account”. Just follow them. In case you have any query or question regarding to the above article, feel free to ask them in comment box.

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