Everything You Need To Know About Family Orbit Android App

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About Family Orbit

Family Orbit is an application created to have a parental check on your kids, monitor their phones, safeguard their contact list and pictures. You can access a lot of areas of your children’s phone and be assured if they are in danger or not. With this application, you can.

About Family Orbit

  • Know about the current location of your children
  • Access their device history and the pages they visited
  • Manage their text and call history
  • Restrict phone usage limit
  • Lock their devices
  • Define a no-go area for them and get notifications if they access it


Family Orbit is an application created to connect family members like never before. It provides so many features to enable parents to fully safeguard and look out their children. Once you have installed and set the app on your android or apple phone, you can allow the needed permission, which will start monitoring in the next minute. You can also view your children’s location and log instantly. This application is a necessity to stay connected with your children and ensure they are at a safe plane.

  • Get notifications about the current location of your children. You can also have a look at the 7-day history if you have a premium plan
  • Manage the log and contact list and block whoever you want to
  • Take a look at the pictures taken by your kids
  • Restrict their data usage and manage your bills accordingly
  • View the applications installed on their phone and even limit any you want
  • Check the device history and the websites accessed
  • Control Screen time or limit it however you want to.
  • Lock your child’s device whenever you want or until you require. The phone will be locked until you do not set to unlock.

Secure your Family by Family Orbit

These days it is extremely difficult for anyone. Not only people are busy in their lives, but they are also out of touch with each other. Parents and kids do not interact like they used to. The only way to do so is to use an application by which you can track and know whether your kid is on the right track or not. This application is available to download and use on both Android OS and Apple’s iOS.

Secure your Family by Family Orbit

Simply download Family Orbit on your phone and sign up to it. You can then add the rest of the family members whom you want to track. Whenever you click onto their profile, you can add whatever restrictions you want to. Simply choose the best plans that work for you, a basic one if you want to track 3 members only or a premium one to track up to 10 members and add more features.

Choose The Best Plan

Family Orbit offers two plans for its users. 1) A basic or free plan by which you can add 3 members in your list to track and be updated . 2) A premium plan which has more features to it, like tracking the location of the past 7 days. It is for $4.95 a month and with this plan, you can add up to 10 family members to stay updated with. This application is available for both Android and Apple users. You can easily download and install and begin tracking instantly.

How to Monitor with Family Orbit App

This application will give you about who is where and what is he doing. You can also.

How to Monitor with Family Orbit App

  1. Locate your members real-time on a map. By this feature, you can easily know where they are right now or were 7 days before if you have a premium plan
  2. Know if your family is in an emergency or not, and which member can reach them the earliest. You will get a panic alert whenever any family member is in a state of emergency anywhere.
  3. Select up to 3 areas to be termed as Geo-fence. Whenever a member goes to the specific area, you will be notified so you can warn them
  4. Keep an eye on how fast your children are driving and even set a speed limit for them, and if they go beyond that limit send them a notification as a warning.
  5. Keep an eye on all the pictures and videos taken by your kids, see which pictures were accessed and downloaded on their phones
  6. Know who is in contact with your children by keeping an eye on their address book and the contacts that are being added
  7. Know how much data is being used by them so you can manage the bills accordingly, and even send them an alert if they crossed the limit
  8. Know which websites were accessed by their phones, their Wifi history. If the websites they accessed were not safe, you can also block them accordingly
  9. Manage their upcoming events by checking their calendars, so you can stay informed and updated.

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