Creative Home Lighting Ideas

Gone are those days when lights were just a basic necessity to go through the night until daybreak. Today, lights play more roles than just filling a space with brightness. They have become an essential part of interior designing for every home.

Playing around with different types and various colors of lights gives us the opportunity to decorate our home as we desire. They have the ability to change the complete look and feel of a space. Brighter lights bring liveliness to space while warmer lights set up a feeling of comfort and luxury! So, here are five creative ideas with which you can use lights to spruce up your home and make it look modern and futuristic.


Lighting Up the Exteriors of the House

How amazing your home décor looks is something that people get to see when they enter the house. But, the first impression is created way before entering into the house, and dark outdoors doesn’t help in creating a good impression. They do not just create a welcoming ambiance for your home; they also give a sense of security when the dark falls.

There are a wide variety of design options when it comes to lighting up your porch and the driveway. Ranging from simple to luxurious and rustic to modern, based on your taste and choice, you can find lighting that checks all boxes.

Rustic looking lanterns could create an elegant look to the porch. Or maybe you could go for the lighting that resembles ornate street lamps along the driveway. It will make your driveway look absolutely magical and give a “Narnia” like feeling when someone enters your home! If you are into modern décor, you could go for simple designs with geometric patterns.lights

Chandeliers and Hanging lights for living room

Chandeliers have been a part of the world of lighting for quite some time now. However, in the past, chandeliers were found only in the houses of the rich and well-off people. The very meaning of chandeliers was associated with luxury and extravaganza. However, today, chandeliers have become a part of any and every household. Innovations in the field of interior design have made it possible for people to find a chandelier that fits their budget and also blends in with their home interiors.


Other forms of more elegant hanging lights are also starting to take over the world of house lighting designs. For example, you can fix a simple piece of the wood log with multiple light bulbs hanging at varying lengths. You can attach this setup to the ceiling to create a raw and rustic look to the living room. Even something as simple as an ornate birdcage can be an elegant hanging light for your living room ceiling. The size of the chandelier or the hanging lights depends entirely on the size of the living room. You can always go for multiple hanging lights if the room is quite large.


Lighting Up the Stairways and Window Sills

There are so many choices and options when it comes to decorating a home. However, the most ignored parts of the house are the stairways and the windows. It is not common knowledge that an open looking stairway or window can be spruced up with lights to make your home look livelier. It may seem like energy-consuming and costly, but it is actually not that bad. You can completely customize the lighting of the stairways and window sills according to your budget. And as for energy consumption, it is not necessary to keep the lights on all the time.

Using the brightest LED strip available on window sills is one of the most simple and creative ways to add some funk to your windows. Similarly, lighting up every alternate stair with the LED stripes or even a single light integrated into the wall for every 2 or 3 stairs along the stairways could be both beautiful to look at as well as cost-effective. You can always play around with the color of the lights to spice things up even more.


Ceiling Lights and Unique Fixtures

Ceiling lights are essential for every household. They are useful in adding some class and elegance to the home décor. Lighting of empty space can alter the way it looks for sure, but it also affects the mood of a person that enters the area. Since ceiling lights are an essential part of home lighting, it is also important to see to it that the lights used help in saving the energy as well as light up space well enough.

Integrating the lights with the design of your false ceiling could be one way to go about this. LED bars and fluorescent strips can help in lining up the false ceiling and accentuate its design. These bars and strips of lights can also be used to create unique patterns and geometric shapes on the ceiling to make space look modern and futuristic. Alternating the stripes with a complementing color like blue or orange lights is also a beautiful idea.


DIY Lamps and Fixtures

One of the most creative ways to light up your home is to get creative yourself. It is both fun and cost-effective to decorate your home with lights. Simple spherical balls made of thread could host a bulb and create a cool glow in the room. Colorful paper lanterns are another simple and creative way to brighten up a room. There are but hundreds of different DIY ideas in which you can play around with lights to create unique lamps and lanterns for your home.



With little effort and time, you can transform your room or your home into a gorgeous looking space with your creative skills. Buying some random set of lights and fixtures is not enough. It is your flow of imagination that determines where they go and where they fit so that they make your home look elegant and well-lit.

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