6 Important Things to Know Before Buying a Gaming Laptop

When there are so many great options are available in the market, it becomes difficult to decide which one you should choose to buy. Modern gaming laptops come with highly powerful hardware which is suitable for high-end gaming. In order to buy the right machine for your job, you have to know your needs.

As you’re going to spend your hard-earned money, you have to make sure what you’re buying suits your specific needs. Apart from CPU and graphics, there are so much more behind a great gaming laptop. Here, we’ve mentioned some important points you should consider when you’re thinking about buying a gaming laptop.

  1. Screen


Display and screen size is important to concern when choosing a gaming laptop. The decision can also become difficult when considering screen quality versus weight. You may want to look for the device with HD display to enjoy your favorite games, but you also want to carry this laptop around with you. It’s all depends on your needs. If you travel a lot, you need a display that suits your requirements and doesn’t consume high-power.

A laptop with a 15-inch screen is ideal when buying a gaming laptop. They are a great choice for playing the latest games with HD resolution. However, you can also go for 17-inch display if you’re looking for a desktop replacement. Sure, it would be a pain to carry around but its worth to experience gaming at the highest level of graphics quality.

  1. Processor

The processor is the most important factor to consider when buying a gaming laptop. As you’re going to play high-intensity games which consume a lot of power so you need a laptop that can handle them with ease. A laptop with Intel Core i7 processor is must if you’re a hardcore gamer and looking for the lagging-free gaming experience.

If you don’t want to spend too much money then you can also go for mid-range gaming laptops having a dual-core i5 processor. The i5 processor lets you play medium level games but we highly recommend you to go for a laptop that has a dual-core i7 processor. Popular gaming laptops like Acer Predator Helios series or HP Omen series all come with Intel dual-core i7 processor.

  1. RAM & Storage

RAM plays an important role in the overall performance of a laptop. The higher is the RAM, the better your gaming experience on a laptop. A laptop with high RAM can perform let you perform multitasking without slowdown. For gaming, a laptop with 8GB of RAM is good but don’t settle for anything less than that.

When it comes to storage, you should always prefer SSD over HDD for a gaming laptop. They are capable of delivering faster games loads times which leads to a better gaming experience. You should not go below 256GB SSD storage however a laptop with a combination of SSD and HDD would be great in terms of speed and space.

  1. Graphics Card

After CPU, the graphics card is probably the most important factor to consider when buying a gaming laptop. It is the powerhouse of a gaming machine, and it will be the main thing you want to spend money on. The GPU controls entirely how impressive a game look while playing.

If you’re into intensive gaming, then Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 or GTX 1080 is appropriate for you. These VR ready graphics card laptops can deliver impressive frame rates. However, laptops with GTX 1060 or GTX 1050 are capable enough to handle high gaming pressure.

  1. Connectivity

Obviously, it’s an important factor to consider as you’re going to spend your hard-earned money. Make sure the laptop has all the essential ports that you’ll need to connect your gaming peripherals. It should have at least two or three regular Type-A USB ports and a USB type-C connector so you can connect your favorite gaming mouse or a gaming headset.

Also, check that your next gaming laptop certified for 802.11ac Wi-Fi (for fast internet speed), Bluetooth support, and HDMI or Display Port interfaces.

  1. Battery

You will definitely want to use your laptop without being tethered to a plug socket. As gaming laptops come with large display and high-end GPU is more power hungry than a casual laptop. Especially, if you’re playing graphically intensive games, the battery drains fast and you have to plug it in at all times.

Furthermore, if you like to travel around, and play a few casual games then, make sure you’re buying a laptop that doesn’t contain too many high-end hardware configurations.


We hope this guide will help you to buy the right machine from the diverse market of gaming laptops. Of course, these things are important to keep in mind but you should also have to your needs when buying a gaming laptop. If you have any query or suggestion about this buying guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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