Mivi Octave Review – Big Battery Life Plus IPX5 Are The USPs

There are plenty of Bluetooth speakers available in the market right now. There are many companies selling these devices- from JBL to Boat. Some of them are very compact and small but some are really booming largely. It totally depends upon you which one do you want in your room. On one hand, there is something like JBL Go 2 which you can carry around with you, on the other hand, there is UE Boom 2 with booming sound and IPX7 rating.

Just like every other Bluetooth speaker brand, Mivi has tried to bring its three speaker segment. The new one called Mivi Octave is priced highest among them at Rs. 2,999. But, is it worth three booming grand? Let’s find out in the Mivi Octave review given below:

Design And Specifications

If you have seen the Apple HomePod, honestly Mivi Octave looks like that somewhat. With fabric around the cylindrically shaped body, the device gets a matte plastic touch on top and the bottom. Moreover, you get Mivi branding on the top with a bass radiator. The bass radiator must be prevented from outer forces as it does not get any protective covering from the company. The device comes in two different color variants: Grey and Black.Easily available to buy online with Tata Cliq Offers today.

Although the Mivi Octave is very light in weight weighing only 318g with four buttons on the Bluetooth speaker including the power button, volume rockers- up and down, and a play/pause button which is made of plastic and are very responsive plus clicky.

The device also has an LED light inside it which blinks when the song is playing and doesn’t when in steady state. Near the bottom, there is a space for the Micro-USB port, 3.5mm audio input, and charging LED. The speaker also got an IPX5 rating which means the device is water resistant.

In the box, you will get a Micro-USB cable, a 3.5mm aux cable with the device itself. Coming to the sound drivers, the device houses two audio drivers and a passive subwoofer producing an output of 16W. It supports Omni directional transducers for 360 degrees immersive sound experience and Bluetooth 4.2 LE for connectivity. Moreover, the Bluetooth speaker packs a high capacity battery of 2,600mAh.

Performance And Battery Life

Priced at Rs. 2,999, Mivi Octave Bluetooth speaker gives straightaway competition to JBL Go 2. Although this device is louder than JBL Go 2. the device doesn’t leave V-signature behind and give flat signature only with slight highs and lows.

The device is pretty loud but it’s at higher volumes the device becomes noisy and lose its clarity. At above mid volume, the sound quality is nice but not as warm as other speakers would have given like UE’s Wonderboom. Mivi Octave packs dual driver which produce staggering sounds and you will feel very happy to hear it. But, the bass of the device overpowers the highs at a time which becomes very distorted.

Trying it as a speakerphone is a very bad idea as the device lose its clarity and was very noisy in calls on both the ends- receiver and caller. The mic of the device is really poor honestly. Coming to the battery life, the device gets a high capacity 2,600mAh battery which is one of the USPs of this device. The device can give you 8-10 hours of songs easily with the full fuel. So, you need not charge the device again and again which makes this device best in this price range. You can also check about the available similar speakers online with AliExpress Offers in India at best rates.


The Mivi Octave comes at the price of Rs. 2,999 and gives you loud enough performance. The device comes with decent good output but it becomes screeching loud at full volume. Coming to the pros, the IPX5 rating and high capacity battery life. On the cons side, the bass sounds good but overpowers at higher volumes which is very common in many Bluetooth speakers. The device is good to go for daily usage but doesn’t use as a speakerphone as the mic lacks clarity and you will be very happy to use it at the whopping price of Rs. 2,999.

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