Best Programmes for Team Productivity in the Workplace

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When you work in a team, the productivity of said team is just as important as the productivity of all of its individual members. While there are many techniques for upping your own productivity, sometimes you need a little help from technology. Here are some of the top programmes you can use to help everyone focus on what they are supposed to be doing!


When it comes to email, you ideally want a shared inbox software which allows everyone in the team to see and respond to emails whenever they come in. Software like Threads gives everyone within the company access to a shared email dashboard. Their platform has storage-based pricing which allows you to share it with as many people as you like. It is a quick and easy way to ensure that everyone is constantly on the same page when it comes to communication. If you think your team could be a little chattier, look into shared inbox software for teams.


If you have a team spread out over the country (or even in different countries), it is imperative that you keep them all on the same page when it comes to workload. A workload management portal allows everyone within a team to see the things which need doing. You might finish work on one part of a project and hand it over to a colleague, only to see that someone else also needs a little help and jump across to them. Such programmers are invaluable and can truly help to speed up everyone’s approaches to their work.

Social Media Blockers

In an office with access to the internet, it can be incredibly tempting to log onto social media for a minute to see what the outside world is up to. However, one minute can turn into five, and before you know it you have wasted half a day’s work on Instagram instead of focusing on your actual work. Have no fear, there are a number of social media blockers which can be set for a certain time period to help you focus. Use these to blacklist certain websites for a time period of your choosing. This will help you to focus on the work at hand without the tempting distractions social media loves to offer us.


Sometimes you need something that everyone can work on at once. Whether it is a brainstorming session or everyone in the team filling in the same set of documents, you sometimes need an open programmer which allows everyone to contribute. Think about the different needs your employees have and try to find the best software to suit everyone. You can find ones out there which include data analysis as well as word processing; whatever you may need.

Productivity in your office might seem like a mountain to climb but there are some definite moves you can make to improve it. With any of the programmers listed above, you will notice a dramatic improvement in the way your team conducts their business. Tackle the problem of productivity head on and make some changes for the better today.

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