Best Price Value Android Phones 2019

Best Price Value Android Phones 2019

A chocolate chip cookie or a CPU crackerjack chipset – they both matter when it comes to both impressive indulgence and staggering performance. Nevertheless, you might think how these two can relate to each other. Well, let me keep this thing straightforward and easy quick for you guys to understand in this yet another Android blog. Nonetheless, keep my writing tone understandably modest, as if you’re standing in one of those enter-in perceptible stores to buy one for yourself. You will find well usable smartphones updated with your expectations.

We all want an on the button discerning compatibility nowadays and no one ever wants to cringe on all those arcade-bodied retro handsets, which might be good to whack on concrete floors. Simply put, a popular euphemism is that an old-school Nokia phone would shatter all the drop tests when it comes to the world of smartphones. Nonetheless, Nokia is now getting adroitly jaded with this mobile meme as well, and is on the redemption roll, reviving the unprecedented name it once enjoyed in the free rein in-hand wireless cell phones. Feels like the Finnish phone company’s crew were wearing the exclusive Mens Bomber Jacket to pinpoint every prevailing UI-OS intricacies in their latest in-hand gadgets. Now we got the Nokia Numbers Series – Nokia 1, Nokia 2, Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6, and so on.

Nowadays, people have gone audaciously nomadic when it comes to pocket power usage. We all (including me obviously) want something out of this world compact that no one has, or at least the cutting edge machine veracity to unleash on our palms. Correspondingly, we need something compact yet universally insinuated within our reach 24/7, and there’s nothing better than the mainstream device dedicated to working at our fingertips.

Go on and read all the right reasons to grab the best budget high-end Android phones, fully capable to let you employ prevailing phone potentials for the next two years.

Oppo F7 (230$ – 300$)

Become the best budget opportunist against all opponents when it comes to choosing a smartphone. Oppo is going with a win-win venture making some of the best smartphones in the year 2019. Oppo has already grabbed the sub-continent market along with many Asian concrete and mortar stores as well. Selling more than 200,000 handsets in retail stores in the year 2016, Oppo became the biggest smartphone maker in China. Since then, Oppo is using nimble-fingered nuts and bolts to make some of the best variety of phone series you could choose from.

The Oppo F7 is one of the souvenirs the company has built in 2018 engrossing every thing usable for the next year or two. This versatile mini-machine embraces a 6”+ screen, 4GB RAM for the 64 GB variant and 6GB RAM for its double-up counterpart. A 16 MP camera is sensibly the best lens range to capture realistic photos and definitely that 3400mAh battery to keep you running on the digitalized spectrum for a full-day phone fuel. In addition, Oppo F7 gets a genuine comparison among other good brand phones much more costly having exactly the same spec-list bracket.

Xiaomi Mi A2 (Mi 6X) (200$ – 240$)

Xiaomi Mi A2 (Mi 6X) (200$ - 240$)

Chinese consumer electronics industry are already a big name in the industry of high-tech home innovation facilitations. Now we are witnessing that the smartphone industry is budding out the refine reaps, the nation has sowed for so many decades of manufacturing some of the best electronic appliances recognized worldwide. Xiaomi is another great example alongside Huawei to keep up high spirits to make some of the best phones, and being a respectable Asian mobile industry status.

The Xiaomi Mi AS also known as the Mi 6X comes with a PC-like complexity capacitate to give you a smooth UI with the best applications available up to date. The device comes with just about a 6” LCD screen that runs over a 400ppi index, emanating life-expressive display results. Besides, the Mi A2 sports in a sufficient 6GB RAM endorsed with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 to run spectacles credibly meant for high-end flagship phones. There’s nothing left to consider profoundly when you’ve got one of the most powerful chipsets running in the instilled backdrop on one of the finest Xiaomi mobile devices conceived. Ultimately, the Mi 6X rules a great vastness of the smartphone domain inculcating a 20 MP lens guaranteeing panoramic picturesque snapshots and a 3000 mAh battery is adequately handy to get a whole day on-the-go usage.

Huawei Honor 7X (200$ – 250$)

Huawei Honor 7X (200$ - 250$)

The Chinese multinational telecommunications and consumer electronics company has consistently overlooked in the smartphone glossary domain. Now things are getting audaciously rough for the big players like Apple and Samsung. First thought to be an underdog (and of course being an Asian tech giant) has cruised ahead of Apple in 2018, just a little leap lagging behind the technology throne keeper Samsung. Huawei can correctly be considered as making emulating gizmos meant for the fingertips maneuvering palms.

The Chinese mobile phone company is now getting time-honored with huge Huawei handset sales and customers’ satisfaction from around the world. The Huawei Honor 7X was the end season release for the year 2017 but still has high hopes to run smoothly in the year 2019, not compromising with mobile updates whatsoever. The mobile comes with the Android 7.0 Nougat upgradable to the Oreo OS version.  The 5.93” screen is concerted atop of the aluminum body glassed from the top, a 16 MP camera is legit high-end lens capturing instant lively shots, and a resourcefully sound duo Octa-core with 4GB RAM to run smooth gaming graphics and high-end mobile apps.

Huawei is flourishing in the smartphone industry with topnotch flagship phones as well. If you’ve got enough money at your end. Consider buying a cell phone from the P Series or Mate Series. The end result, Huawei is a long-term phone usage device dynamic, having positive consumer reviews for no hardware/software bogus repercussions at all.

LG Q6 (280$ – 300$)

LG Q6 (280$ - 300$)

South Korea’s multinational conglomerate isn’t laying back to rest after ‘bootloop’ issues in a number of back to back devices. Not delaying even after the verge of hitting a deadline barricade in the domain of mobile phone makers, LG has retaliated back with multiple devices over the past 2 years with positive attributes, debunking irrelevant disquisitions by tech-talking amateurs and phone companies’ sponsored hotshots. The LG Q6 is one of the prime examples of the winning footnotes of the company known for its promising life facilitating sophistications.

The LG Q6 fuses in the aluminum and plastic casing framework and pervades in multifaceted miniature machinery stunts to keep every widget whiner at bay. The 5.5” display IPS LCD display, a 13 MP f/2.2 aperture camera, plentiful 4 GB RAM to run high-end endeavors, a 3000 mAh battery keeps you LG phone running efficiently. This phone is for decent mobile movers in the years 2018-2019, settling in a pacified recital running for LG devotees. Whoever is suspicious for LG to create breakthrough devices in the smartphone industry is just dreaming small. LG thinks big and is known to make the best TV displays – TV Signature Series. Industriously compacting minuscule (little) magic is no big deal for LG.

Sony Xperia XA2 Series (280$ – 380$)

Sony Xperia XA2 Series (280$ - 380$)

The camera capturing monster is back again with a revival to its smartphone revival league. Sony has halted aback many times by big brands on the market solely meant to mold out cell phones with multifaceted compatibilities. But yet again, Japan’s biggest mobile maker has created a fully functional handset capable to run anything optimally meant to run for the years 2018-2019.

Coming with a trio palm-screen fervor of powerful devices; Sony Xperia XA2, XA2 Ultra, and the XA2 Plus. Sony lovers can now get back to that Sony ‘safe haven’, enjoying the latest specs instilled in equipped aluminum frames with glossy plastic backs endured to withstand falls and faults. You are getting tidbits of the latest technology in a single articulated piece of expressing android OS performance.

The 300$ – 380$ is a small cost for a boosted ‘big bag’ package. The XA2 lineup rocks in 3, 4, and 6 GB Ram to run multifarious apps familiarized with social networking, photo-to-video editing, business management, etc. The XA2 ramps up the Snapdragon 630 range with Octa-core processors and Adreno adrenaline of profusely powerful 500, letting you play PUBG, Fortnite, and heavy-duty pay-to-play mobile games in a gliding graphics environment. The Android OS Oreo is a great UI for the year 2019 as well, keeping you tech-savvy for the whole year for sure. The 23 MP camera is acquainted with every lens improvement for surreal snapshot capturing. The 3300 and 3580 mAh batteries are enough to upkeep with all the optimum smartphone superlatives.

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