5 Best LED Strip Lights for Home Design

Are you having some troubles in coming up with a better way to spice up the design of your home? Enough of the worries because we have several ideas that will help you achieve a versatile home lighting design.

The interior and exterior design of your home is useless without proper lighting. It gives life to the details of your home needed to be highlighted. Let’s put an end to your dull and boring home. What better way of illuminating your home than using five of the best LED strip lights?

Elstar Silicone LED Neon Strip


From the looks of it, you can already feel the warmth Elstar Silicone LED Neon Strip will provide to your home. Most prefer to use it indoors but it can also work for outdoor lighting design.  It is best for home interiors with coved or dropped ceiling design. This LED strip light will highlight even the smallest details of your home. Choose the best LED strip lights <do-follow> with Elstar’s finest!


  • The material is made of food-grade environmental silicone making it easier to install in both straight and curved edges.
  • High Luminous strip lights perfect for furniture and fixture lighting in the house.
  • Evenly distributes lights structure with the absence of dots and shadows.
  • The Ingress Protection Rating is 65 designed to be protected from indoor dust and low-pressure immersion.
  • It is resistant to acid and alkali, saline solutions, fire and UV, and corrosive gases.
  • The LED strip lights are available in warm white, blue, red, white, and yellow.
  • Low electricity consuming light.
  • The standard length per roll is five meters but you can also request for lengths of 1, 3 and 10 meters.
  • It fits different types of furniture.


  • The adhesive used can wear out over time and leave marks on the surface.

WenTop Smart LED Strip Lights


If you are looking for the best, we suggest the utilization of WenTop Smart LED Strip Lights. It is one of the budget-friendly strip lights providing efficiency for lighting design. What we love about it is its flexibility on being used indoors and outdoors. It has a waterproof feature which works well with an outdoor environment. The five-meter strip light is easy to link, cut, and install.


  • The waterproof feature allows you to illuminate areas indoors and outdoors at home.
  • The LED strip light is flexible for curved and straight edges.
  • It easily cut with cutting marks every three LED light.
  • It provides solution to uneven luminous problem.


  • There are no other colors available to choose from.
  • The lighting design cannot be controlled with a remote.

Nexlux RGB Kit


The Nexlux RGB Kit is the perfect lighting companion for tech-savvy people. You will surely love the convenience it provides since customization is just a click away. This LED strip light has the ability to boost the indoor and outdoor design of your home. For 50,000 hours, enjoy how it changes the way you look at your home. There’s no need to worry about the holding time of the adhesive. It is packed with strong viscosity adhesive tape keeping it intact for a long time.


  • It can be controlled by a Wi-Fi wireless smart remote control.
  • The Nexlux RGB kit can work with several applications for customization.
  • It features a unique and elegant design for indoor home spaces.
  • It is best for newbies in strip lights installation.


  • The power supply should be bought separately because it doesn’t come with the package.
  • The replacement of the LEDs of the strip light is quite difficult. This will just give you the idea to have the whole strip light replaced.

LightingWill LED Strip Lights


Decorate your indoor spaces with LightingWill’s LED Strip Lights! The strip length is 10 meters, which is perfect for kitchen, bedroom, living, and bathroom spaces. Its features and functionalities go beyond than just illuminating the room. In comparison to the others, it is a bit expensive but it ensures the safety and quality of the strip light. Feel free to cut and link it with other strip lights for a more desirable interior home design.


  • An LED strip light flexible for different indoor space for exceptional home design.
  • You can install it easily for both straight and curved edges.
  • It is composed of lightweight materials making it convenient to install and cut.
  • It is best for customizing lighting because of its cuttable and linkable properties.


  • LightingWill LED Strip Lights is only flexible for indoor use. It is not designed to be waterproof.
  • The power supply should be bought separately because it doesn’t come with the package.

Tingkam Waterproof 5050 Flexible Strip Light

Play with different colors with Tingkam Waterproof 5050 Flexible Strip Light. Considering its affordable price, you’d be stunned with what magic it can do to your home. There are 44 available colors to choose from. You can change it depending on the ambiance you want to achieve. It’s very customizable and using it isn’t rocket science too.


  • It is composed of high-quality materials designed to provide evenly distributed lighting.
  • Unquestioned durability because it is layered twice with copper contacts.
  • Since the strip lights are color black, it’s not really visible when the lights are off.
  • The quality is not compromised considering its price is inexpensive.


  • The tapes don’t hold the strip lights long. It is less sticky in comparison to other brands.
  • It is not flexible to be twisted.


Choose the best LED strip lights which work for you and your desired home design. Unleash your inner creativity and boost the aesthetics of your home. These five best LED strip lights will surely help you achieve your dream of interior and exterior design!

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