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Gamers wants everything on point. A little negligence in anything can lead to disturbance and gamer’s hate disturbance a lot. If you are a gamer you must know what I am saying. I know you can feel it. What if you have set everything a best gaming monitor with best speakers and keyboards, the PC has all the features that can help you playing different games without any interruption. And all of sudden you looked at your mouse and it is placed over a local magazine. Isn’t that awkward? I know it can spoil your mood to the whole next level. I am very close to gamer’s and I know about their feelings very well.

So it means while setting up the best gaming set up one can’t ignore the best gaming mouse pads. If you are looking for them, and you are wondering which one is the best mouse pads that can meet all your requirements. And help you to play your games smoothly then you are at a right place. In this article I am going to list down the best gaming mouse pads in reasonable prices and you can pick up your favorite one, matching all your desires.

When I was searching for best gaming mouse pads for year 2019, there were number of articles, featuring different gaming mouse pads. And that was the time when I got confused about which one to select and which to ignore. Every gaming mouse pads has its own specialty and drawbacks. So in order to save you guys from this confusion I have selected the best gaming mouse pads that are simple to use and have very affordable prices. The below mentioned gaming mouse pads are easily available on the The best and trust able place for e commerce.

Best Gaming Mouse Pads 2019 – A Detailed Review

If you are among those people who think that mouse pad are not important while gaming. Or in your opinion a simple magazine or a book can replace mouse pad then you are wrong. The tie has been changed. Things and their working are also changing with time. Like every other thing, there is surprising innovation in gaming mouse pads as well. I am not kidding, yes now there are mouse pads that have RGB sync. It means they will set themselves according to RGB keyboard lights and will help you to get best gaming experience. Similarly chargeable and wireless gaming mouse pads have also attracted me towards themselves. The era of magazines and books cover used as mouse pads has been gone now. So below is the list of the best gaming mouse pads. That are latest and least expensive. You can easily buy them from Let’s have a look on them.

Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad

The number 1 in the list of best gaming mouse pads for year 2019 is Belkin WaveRest Gel mouse pad. And the reason is comfort. When I look for the best mouse pad the most important feature that I craved for is “comfort”. The easier you are while gaming, the more perfectly you will concentrate on the screen. Let’s think for a while you are playing a war game and the enemy is tacking on you, at the same time your hand got uncomfortable, while you were busy in making yourself easy , you lost the game. That is going to very irritating, I am telling you it will make you angry. So let not compromise on the comfort. And when we talk about comfort, no can beat Belkin WaveRest Gel mouse Pad. It is designed perfectly for your wrist comfort, and it prevents the hand from any kind of soreness or stiffness. It has gel based hand resting point that gives a whole level of comfort to your wrist. After playing for hours, you will still feel that your wrist is not tired.

It is small gaming mouse pad i.e. 12 x 9.25 x 1.5 inches. Because it has good size therefore it is quite easy to use. You will feel the new comfort even in first use. It has non slip rubber bottom that gives a good grip to your hand. No matter how fastly you are moving your hand, the mouse pad will not leave the bottom hence preventing any kind of discomfort. Lest not forget about the price of Belkin WaveRest Gel mouse pad. It is available on Amazon for only $7. Yes you have read it right, now buy this comfortable and easy to use gaming mouse pad right now from

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Corsair MM 1000

The 2nd on the list of best gaming mouse pads 2019 is Corsair MM 1000 gaming mouse pad. It is the best mouse pads when we talk about “best wireless charging mouse pads 2019”. This mouse pad has magic inside it. The very simple and easy to use design of Corsair makes it one best comfortable mouse pads. It has 2 surfaces and both of them works perfectly. The rubber pads gives it firm grip. The one feature that makes it magical mouse pad is wireless charging slot, yes it enables you to charge or mobile phone or any other device using the USB cable. Isn’t that mazing feature? For how many times you have your phone charging socket near you when working or playing? I guess it is very rare to find out the place near socket, and to work there with comfort. So you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Corsair ensures your comfort at all possible levels. What are you waiting for now? Ladies and gentlemen this the best yet the very affordable thing that you can add in your gaming set up. Corsair MM100 is available on

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3M Precise Mouse Pad

The next in the list of best gaming mouse pad is 3M precise mouse pad. The reason why I have selected this mouse pad in this list is one and only “Comfort and functionality”. This easy to use and comfortable mouse pad is just 9 x 8 inches. That has ability to increase the battery life of your mouse up to 50 percent. Yes I am serious about it. All the reviews says that it works perfectly when it comes to battery timing. The surface is quite smooth, and it feels like mouse is floating over the smooth surface. The bottom of the mouse pad is firm, that give strong grip and prevents it from moving here and there while playing. This pad is specially designed for wireless mice. It has been proved though different experiments that the mouse draw less energy when it is over 3M precise Mouse pad. It means it is the best yet very less expensive battery saving gaming mouse pad. So gamers without wasting any time, just go and grab 3M precise mouse pad now from It is just for $6 and will give you whole new gaming comfort.

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Corsair MM 600

Corsair MM 600 is next in the list of best gaming mouse pad 2019. The reason is not the interesting LED lights like other Corsair family but it has some other amazing features. Corsair M 600 is one of the best gaming mouse when it comes to grip and stability. It has low friction surface that give great stability, no matter how fast the mouse over it is moving. It will not leave its bottom surface. Moreover unlike the above mentioned mouse pads, it has greater space. Yes its wide surface allows you to move the mouse over it more freely. The design is quite sleek and comfortable. It ensures that your hand is not getting tired while using it. The only drawback that I have saw in MM600 is “ no USB pass through” but its other features are so amazing that you can ignore this little draw back. Corsair MM600 mouse pad is made up of aluminum, that helps you to boost up your response while gaming. This comfortable and easy to use mouse pad is available on so buy it now from the link given below.

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SteelSeries Qck

SteelSeries Qck is best gaming mouse pad when it comes to budget. Though mouse pad is the least expensive thing in all your gaming set up. As compared to mouse, keyboards, monitors, CPU, speakers etc. the mouse pads are usually cheap but they play very vital role while playing. I have heard from many gamers that they don’t want to invest more in mouse pad, so no issues. If your budget doesn’t allows you ten the best choice for you is SteelSeries Qck mouse pad. It gives best features in very less price. Let’s talk about its design and ease of use. It is very thin just 2mm, yet gives very smooth slide. It has strong bottom grip that gives you best gaming experience. The surface is design in a way that it counts or very precise mouse control. If you are not comfortable with one size or shape then don’t worry, SteelSeries comes with 7 different sizes and shapes. You can select the one that matches perfectly with your needs or that gives you best comfort. One more thing that I need to mention is its sync with RGB lighting. Yes you can sync it with your RGB keyboard and have fun. Buy thins amazing mouse pad now from

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Turtle Beach Drift

Okay now moving. If you are still confused and can’t decide which mouse pad to select then I guess Turtle Beach Drift will solve your confusion. Turtle beach in nest in the list of gaming mouse 2019. It has its beauty in simplicity. The very simple yet easy to use mouse pad that is just 0.1 inches thick has very smooth upper surface. It gives charming slide over it, with very strong bottom grip. Instead of its smooth upfront, it has little embroided edges that gives quite elegant look. It gives very soothing feeling when you move your hand over it. If you are beauty lover, and look for beauty even in very small things then you should just go for it. Turtle beach has its logon printed in a very decent manner in middle of mouse pad. It comes in different shapes and you have freedom of selecting the best size and shape. The size tat sits best with your comfort. Play for hours and hours using turtle beach muse pad and I assure, you will not feel tired or your hands won’t stiffed. What else do you expect from a mouse pad? So without wasting any time just go on and buy tis amazing muse pad at very low prices.

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Insten Premium Leather Mouse Pad

We have almost discussed mouse pad with every important feature, like comfort, design, price, lightning and ease of use. So let’s not forget another important feature that is durability. While buying anything you must keep I mind how durable it is? If it’s worth spending money on or not. So guys if you are looking a mouse pad that guarantee its durability then must go for Insten Premium leather mouse pad. This mouse pad is in the list of best gaming mouse pad 2018 because of its best durability. As the name shows it is made up of premium quality leather. The best thing is this mouse pad is water proof. So if you are having coffee, tea or any other drink while playing game, have it without any fear. It has simple yet very comfortable design. That gives your hand a special comfort and you don’t feel tired after playing for so many hours. It has pads underneath that prevents sliding over the table. it is quite stable, even if you are moving mouse fastly over it.

Its overly smooth surface and non-slip backing is perfect for any optical or trackball mouse, taking into consideration exact following and accuracy clicking. It is 8.7 x 7.1 x .1 inches and weighs 2.2 ounces. In addition to that it comes in both black and darker brown color. Lastly I am going to mention its prices and I am sure it will blow your mind. So guys this absolutely amazing best gaming mouse pad is just for $7. In case you have doubt on my words, go and check it yourself on right now. Click the link below.

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Corsair Gaming MM300

There is no gaming pad that is bigger than Corsair Gaming MM300. Its measurements are 36.6 x 11.8 x0.1 inches that makes it longest ever gaming mouse pad. That is the reason it is in my list of best gaming pad 2019. The greater size of this mouse pad allows its users to play freely. You have bigger space to roll on mouse ball and play even better than before. This surely is the one of the best mouse pad for hardcore gamer. Corsair MM300 is not just a mouse pad, but it can also use beneath the keyboard to give it stronger grip. Isn’t that interesting?

Unlike other gaming mice it has anti fray surface. The smooth surface allows the better movement of mouse over it. Moreover it is one of the best low friction mouse. It has been advanced explicitly with high DPI gaming mice lasers, so you’ll never encounter delays or skipping when gaming. The base surface is covered with a substantial elastic that grasps and secures around your work area. In short it gives you best gaming comfort. Corsair MM300 is one of the most selling gaming mouse on Amazon. If you don’t believe me, I don’t mind. You can simply go and check it yourself on

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Cooler Master MP510

There are times when we love the feature of different mouse pads but at the end the one problem stop us from buying it. Do you know what that one problem is? If no then let me tell you “Size”. People are really very much concerned when it comes to the size of mouse pad. The smaller the size is, the most difficult it is for user to play freely over it. if you are one of those people who are looking for best gaming mouse pad in perfect size then I am suggesting to give a look to Cooler Master MP510. This one best gaming mouse pad for year 2019 and the best thing about it is, it comes in 4 different sizes. Ranging from a smaller mouse pad for daily use to the giant mouse pad for best gaming experience Cooler master has it all. Talking about its design, it as simple and smooth ant fray surface that helps the mouse ball to roll on perfectly. In addition to that it is water and stain proof. So in case you have accidently spilled water or tea over it, don’t panic, relax and sit back. Go and buy the best size of Mp50 that suits best to your requirements. You can buy it from using the link given below.

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The Razer Firefly

Last but not the least, the next mouse pad in the list of best gaming mouse pad 2019 is “The Razer Firefly” mouse pad. As the name suggests this mouse has something related to lights, yes you have guessed it right LED lights. The Razer Firefly is an electronic mouse cushion (mouse pad) that includes a hard surface and LED lights around the edges, with full Chroma capacities of 16.8 million different colors. Yes this figure has blown my mind when I read it for first.. The mouse pad adjusts with other Razer Chroma peripherals, similar to the Death Adder mouse and Black Widow keyboards, to show mind boggling shading designs. The LEDs looked perfect and the color coming out of them makes it one of the most attractive gaming mouse pad ever. Moving on towards the design and exterior of this gaming mouse pad, it has quite hard surface as compared to other mice pads. This hard surface let the mouse coast crosswise over it with almost no hindrance. I valued that the Firefly encouraged both agreeable ongoing interaction over all classes and a technique for outwardly spicing up a gaming position. It has thickness of only 0.2 inches and it works perfectly with this thickness. Guys if you are beauty lover, and then trust me this mouse pad something very close to beauty with brain. Yes I am not kidding it is not only one good looking mouse pad but it also works perfectly. I am sure if yu have used it once, you will love using it again and again. Without wasting a minute, visit to buy this amazing gaming mouse pad.

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Conclusion: Best Gaming Mouse Pads 2019

So above are all the details of best gaming mouse pads. I am not saying that all of them will match your requirements perfectly. But I am sure they are best of their kinds and will definitely help you while playing games. All of them have their own uniqueness, now it depends on you how you are getting best out of them. Pick the one that suits you best and enjoy gaming to the whole next level. Now it the time to say goodbye to all those magazines and books that were playing the role of mouse pads. Now is the time to give gaming a new perfection by adding best gaming mouse pads.

In case you have any information related to the above content or you want me to add on some more gaming mouse pads feel free to comment. My comment section is always open for all the suggestions. Queries are also welcomed so feel free to ask any question regarding this article. I hope this content is helpful for you.

If yes don’t hesitate in sharing it with your friends and family. That’s all from my side.

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