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Best Free IOS Apps

There are more than 2 million apps available for iOS but not every app is worthy. We often try downloading different apps and at last, we get hardly 9 apps which are actually useful. But the process is actually very time taking and boring. Isn’t it? Well, just to shorten the process and your stress, we have gathered the best free iOS apps one should actually use. So without wasting much time, let’s proceed to the list now.

1. Edison Mail

We all use email service because it is quick and professional. Also nowadays, it is mandatory to make an email address because we need it everywhere. Edison mail is an app which is used to manage your emails in a better and efficient way. In this app, you can build your own swipes for the functions you need and customize accordingly. Be it any email service provider such as iCloud, Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, Exchange or any else provider, it can manage all the accounts.

2. Documents


Documents is an app which pretty much defines its usage by the name. It is an app which can keep all your documents in a one place. Basically, you will be importing the files from your PC and this app will manage the folders and also color the coded tags as well. You can easily zip the files or share the files with anyone you wish to. You can also integrate it with Google Drive, DropBox or any other cloud account too. In short, the app will keep all your documents in a one place and arrange it systematically.

3. Moment


We often spend more time in using our phone and forget doing the other important things. Thanks to the apps which keeps us busy. But guess what? Even for reducing the use, you need an app. This is about Moment is. The app will keep giving the insights of your screen time habits which would help you to track since how long you are using your phone without break. This app will run in the background and will track your time every day. You can also customize the settings to set your screen free time and a daily limit as well. You can add reminders too. Also, if you want, you can see your family member’s screen time and keep an eye on them too.

4. Sworkit


Being fit is important as well as hard. All of us want to stay fit but we can’t because of our hectic schedule which does not allow us to visit gym. But why not to take the gym to the home? Didn’t get me, download Sworkit which is a free iOS app for keeping yourself fit. The app will become your personal trainer and you will have to follow the app for work out. Be it a beginner level, intermediate level or advanced one, you can choose any as every course is available on the app for free of cost. You can see yoga, stretching, cardio and other workout on the app. They will guide you with the videos to make you understand better and also tell you the intervals you have to take.

5. Instapaper


While browsing the internet when you find some interesting link or article to read, what do you do? Where do you keep the link safe so that you can read it later? Umm? Well, if you keep it randomly on a chat or somewhere like this, you don’t need to do it anymore. Download Instapaper and keep the links here. You can save the links and it will show you in a newspaper size paper with a clean format so that you can read it without any hassle. Also, if there is a link you think you will visit again and again, you can arrange it in a such way so that you can find it in a click.

6. Charity Miles

Charity Miles

Like doing charity but can’t because you don’t have enough money for that? Well, if you are so likely to do some charity, you can download the app Charity Miles where all you have to do is to walk. Yes, the more you walk, the more you donate. You just have to download the app, open the app and walk while keeping the phone with you. The app will track your activity and the money that will come from the app will be donated to a charity chosen by you, on the behalf of you. There will be choices and you have to choose one among them and donate.

7. Stop Breathe And Think

Stop Breathe and Think is an app which is mainly for relaxing your body and help you in meditation. You can tell the app about how are you feeling today and on the basis of that, the app will suggest a meditation for you to relax. The app Stop Breathe and think will also check your mood and physical sensation and helps you in telling what is best for you. However, if you think you know the meditation you want to do, you can skip choosing and move to the meditation. You can also expect some yoga and acupressure videos here for free of cost.

8. Chroma


Do you like coloring the books? It is really a great way to relax your mind too. Yes it’s true. And if you want to try it, you really don’t need to buy the costly color books but download this app called Chroma which is free of cost. It is an app which will let you color the drawings made there for free of cost. Just use the better use of technology and start coloring. You can use different coloring tools such as pencils, sketch pens, marker, highlighter and etc to color. You can also try customizing the palette and make your own colors.

There are many handmade pages available for free of cost so you can never get tired of them and can continue coloring as many drawings as you want.

9. Cara

Cara is an app made by doctors to make your health better. How? It will help you in recording your health habits and issues which comes through your eating habits and other daily activities. You have to keep the app updated daily and the app will make you understand what and why it is happening with you. It will help you in finding the correct treatment of it. Over all, it is a great app to use.

So these were the 9 apps which you can use in your iOS for free of cost. All these apps perform different activities and are equally important for you

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