Best Apps for Writers – iOS and Android Solutions

Mobile devices don’t suit content creation well enough: the keyboard occupies over a half of the screen which is usually not the biggest, there are small virtual buttons uncomfortable to big fingers, T9 wants to correct right words to a total mess on purpose, etc.

If to take text editing tasks into account, smartphones and tablets won’t ever be able to replace a PC, but it’s impossible for the writer to have a laptop nearby all the time considering the modern life tempo. And here is the problem: muses don’t keep to schedules.

Fortunately, both Google Play and App Store have apps for writers to “catch” thoughts and create a high-quality text based on it later. Here is the list of programs PaperCheap writers use.

iOS Applications for Writers

It’s a pity but there are no free writer programs in App Store. A writer who doesn’t want to pay for software solutions would have to be pleased with default “Notes” and be patient about the poor functionality of that app.

Authors who are ready to spend money in order to get helpful programs for writers, should pay attention to the following applications.


Byword is among the most functional apps writer can find on iOS to create texts. The program supports the lightened Markdown formatting language. It means that the text created on a mobile device can easily be blended with various notes, quotes, lists and hyperlinks. The extended version of Markdown allows using tables, pictures and videos. You don’t need to additionally process the content created with Byword on a PC: you can publish it in your WordPress or Tumblr blog at once.

Does Byword have other advantages over different apps for writers? Yes, it has.

  1. Asceticism. Byword will amaze a person used to the MS Word interface. The writer gets a blank paper list: no toolbars, no keyboard buttons occupying 60% of the screen’s surface, etc. There are minimal settings, too: the font style and size, and that’s it.
  2. Cloud services integration. You can easily upload the document to Dropbox or iCloud. You can start creating the content on your iPhone and then finish it on your Mac device like that.
  3. Multiple formats supported. Byword works not only with standard .doc, .rtf and .txt, but with .pdf and.html-documents as well.

It will cost you $5.99 to buy Byword. But after paying for the application once, you will doubtfully feel the need to change your iPhone text editor ever again.

iA Writer


This program has its advantage clear: it is one of the simplest apps for writers. It has no option which writers would doubt to be useful neither in the toolbar menu nor on the screen. The minimalistic design of this application guarantees the writer feeling comfortable when working with the text.

But the well-made interface is not the only advantage of iA Writer. Authors should pay attention to the following points:

  1. iA Writer helps you create really correct texts. The program searches syntax errors and repeated words and makes corrections on its own. Additionally, the app can recommend you rephrasing certain sentences to make the text be easily readable.
  2. iA Writer cares about saving documents. You can synchronize it with your iCloud and Dropbox storages and edit documents created on iPhone with Mac or iPad later.
  3. iA Writer keeps the documents ordered. Writers having different projects, copywriters and especially students making homework tasks or essays feel it very important to maintain order in their notes. That is why the possibility to sort documents into folders is much useful in iA Writer.

iA Writer will cost you slightly more than Byword ($8.99), but it has lesser functionality: for instance, iA Writer doesn’t support the Markdown formatting: it means the text from this program will be a “plain” when publishing it in a blog. So, you’ll have to choose between universality and interface.

Apps for Writers Android

The Google Play store offers much more variety in terms of free apps to make notes and edit texts.

JotterPad X: Writer

JotterPad is the Android notepad aimed to impress creative persons. It is different from other noting apps because of built-in text formats. If the user chooses the “Poem” format, there won’t be the need to get how to center the text and separate one line from another. Why else does the JotterPad electronic notepad deserve your attention as one of apps for writers?

  1. Laconic design: it is probably the key criteria when choosing among text editing writer apps. Developers kept only the necessary menu options and additionally hid them so they wouldn’t distract the user. The only thing writers see in front of their eyes is a blank page.
  2. Lots of innovative functions: for instance, JotterPad offers the user to choose among exclusive fonts by Hoefler&Co, and to download their own fonts as well. Additionally, the app has the English vocabulary, online syntax analysis and night mode (white text with black backgrounds) functions built into it by default.
  3. Cloud storage synchronization: writers can save all the created texts to Dropbox instantly.

Users rarely grade JotterPad negatively: as a rule, they only mark the absence of Markdown formatting language in a free version of this app. But honestly, the functions this program provides are excessively good for the free program even without that Markdown support.


The outstanding feature of the Quip writer app is that multiple users can work on the same document simultaneously in the online mode. Moreover, every client will know corrections others make.

You can edit the ready-made document, too: just import it from Evernote, Google Drive or Dropbox.

So, Quip belongs to the special category of apps for writers: it suits both corporate and individual users. It has only one disadvantage: to edit the document cooperatively, users need stable internet connection. Though, you can make corrections on your own while being offline, too.

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