Best Apps for Teachers

Teachers lead a busy life; this includes both inside the classroom and outside.  Thanks to the evolution of apps, a teacher can remain organized while improving his/her students’ experience.

A teacher may choose to extend their work outside the classroom and offer their services as a tutor. It is essential if this is the chosen route that their tutor service is advertised appropriately, for example someone searching for maths tutors will want to see those specialising in that subject area.

With the market already flooded with apps for teachers, identifying the best ones can be a daunting task. Outlined below are some of the best apps’ teachers can use this year. These apps are designed to help teachers keep their classrooms and days organized through the day.  These are:



Teacherkit is an app designed specifically for teachers. The app can record grades, keep each student’s notes, log attendance, and generate reports for both the parents and students among other features. With over one million users, Teacherkit comes in handy for all teachers from K-12 level, college, and beyond.  

The app is only available on Android and iOS platforms.

It is also free to use, though one can choose to upgrade to a premium, but paid version of the same.



ClassDojo brings multimedia experience and approach to the classroom. It helps teachers set up student groups, generate creative classroom ideas, activities, and maintain real-time classroom data, plays videos and music, as well as share multimedia data with colleagues and parents. This makes it possible for parents and colleagues have an idea of what is going on in the classrooms.

The app is available for personal computers, Kindle Fire, Android, and iOS.

ClassDojo is a free app for all



Remind is an app that makes sending out emails, reminders, and announcements easier for teachers. One of the advantages of Remind is that teachers can send out messages and reminders to target groups, and remind the same group of unread messages. In addition to this, the app bills unread messages and automatically sending reminders to anyone that didn’t. This app is quite helpful for teachers who have to manage many students, deal with parents, the administration, as well as colleagues.

The app is available on Android and iOS free of charge.



If looking to build an engaging community in the classroom made of families and parents, but still want students to be involved, then Edmodo is the app for you.

The app is available on both Android and iOS free of charge


Too Noisy

Do you struggle to ask your students to remain calm or quiet? If you do, then Too Noisy might be just the app you need. The app uses a counterintuitive approach to combat noise. That is, the app tracks noise levels in the classroom. The teacher gets to set what is considered too loud, which is triggered when the level is reached. The app works by displaying changing graphics, and alarms to alert the students that are too noisy.  With the trigger level set, the ‘chaos’ approach enables students to learn to keep noise levels on the minimal.

Too Noisy is available at $3.99 and can be downloaded on Android and iOS.



Classroom presentations can be frustrating and even sent you in disarray at times. If you have been struggling with these, Animoto can help provide a fun way to present slideshows, access databases of videos and music, and other digital documents. In addition to this, slideshows and digital documents can be exported for emails and presentations.

The app is free on both Android and iOS

If looking for better and intuitive ways to engage your students, parents, and ensure your classroom is more organized, the apps outlined above might help. You only need to identify the best one that suits your needs

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