Apps that Help Reduce Stress and Improve Your Productivity

Productivity and stress are closely related. The desire to optimize often results in constant anxieties, which is not good for our body.

If you have a stressful job, a great responsibility, or simply a lot of things to do during the day, you need to learn how to relax, combat stress, and raise productivity. Believe us or not, you can get all that from your own smartphone.

Today there are a number of applications that can help you manage your work as well as give you a hand in stress management. It does not matter if you have an iPhone or Android phone, most of these applications are free and available for both operating systems, as well as for desktops and tablets.

Here are the best applications that can do for you.

1) is of great help when it comes to organizing your day. The app is a real diary that, synchronizing with smartphones, desktops, and their website, reminds you about everything you have planned for the day. The app is available for Android, IOS, and desktop platforms.

2) Camscanner

Camscanner is the answer to all those who work and need to send photocopies and documents through scanners, which are not always at hand. It is especially handy if you need to digitize your hand-written lectures or papers with instructions given by your professor for revision purposes or to send them as requirements to sites like

Camscanner transforms your smartphone into a portable scanner, which will allow you to send the documents you want as if they were simple photos. To start using it, just open the application and take a picture of the text you want to scan.

Once captured the photo, the application will save the document and optimize it, allowing you to store it in PDF.

Camscanner is available for Android and IOS and is free.

3) Doodle

If you are one of those who can or must do ten different things a day, Doodle could save you a lot of time. The application is designed to find the day and time for any desired event.

Doodle can be downloaded on Android, IOS, and desktop, and it’s free.

4) HootSuite

HootSuite is the application that can handle all your social media. Thanks to it, you can schedule posting and share your content on all social without spending too much time, all using only one application.

HootSuite is free and is available for IOS, Android, and desktop.

(An indispensable app for those who work in the field of web marketing and have to manage multiple projects at a time.)

5) Mr. Number Block

Do you lose time every day getting unwanted phone calls? Mr. Number Block was created to solve the problem at the root and eliminate the stress that derives from unnecessary calls.

The application allows you to block any phone numbers you want and extend the block to all phone numbers that have a specific code.

Mr. Number Block is free and is available for Android, IOS, and desktop.

Now that we’ve seen the apps that allow us to improve our productivity, let’s keep going to the second goal of this article: tell you what the best applications to combat stress are. From the alarm clock that sounds without traumatizing you too much to monitoring your stress levels. Here are the best apps to help you in the battle against daily stress.

6) RescueTime

Do you know how much time you spend every day controlling social media and the Internet? Don’t you think that reducing the time you spend watching Facebook notifications would allow you to work better and faster and help you avoid some stress? RescueTime is able to do all of that.

The application actually records the time taken by social media and, any other sites that are not related to your work or what you are doing.

The application is also customizable, with tools that will help you increase your productivity without too much effort.

RescueTime is free for Android, IOS, and desktop.

7) Sleep Time-Alarm Clock

If you want to work well, you have to sleep well. It is the first step to having good productivity and eliminating stress.

Sleep Time-Alarm Clock helps you understand how much time you spend sleeping and chooses the best time to wake up for you, all thanks to constant monitoring of your sleep cycles. No more terrible alarm clock sounds in the morning — all thanks to Sleep Time-alarm Clock.

Sleep Time-Alarm Clock is available for free for Android and IOS.

8) Relax Melodies

If you have insomnia, Relax Melodies can help you solve the problem. The application, which can also be used as an alarm clock, is based on the reproduction of soothing melodies that help you reconcile sleep.

You can choose between different categories of sounds to help you sleep. Also, you can add your favorite melodies within the mixes proposed by the application, all without a fee since the app is free.

Relax Melodies is available for Android and IOS.

Those are our top eight applications that can improve your daily routine organization, alleviate stress, and boost productivity.

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