Answering 5 FAQ About Staffing Agencies

If you are considering applying for a staffing agency, you no doubt have questions about how it works. You want to ensure your next employment venture is one where you can succeed. Moreover, it’s important to look for a job that is sustainable, reliable, and will cater to your needs. To see if a staffing agency is right for you, you no doubt want all your questions answered. So we’ve compiled the top five most frequently asked questions about staffing agencies. Keep reading to find out the answers!

Answers to Your Staffing Agencies Questions

1. What Does A Staffing Agency Do?

Staffing agencies match potential employees with companies. Essentially, companies pay staffing agencies to find them employees that fit their specific job description. Job seekers can apply to a specific position through the staffing agency or they can simply be interviewed and placed in a position the agency chooses. Often, these positions are temporary ones.

2. Do Staffing Agencies Take Part Of Your Pay?

Staffing agencies do not take part of your pay. Staffing agencies are responsible for paying workers. Essentially, the company will pay the staffing agency, who then pays you. However, the agency is responsible for taking taxes from your paycheck.

In the end, companies usually pay a markup anywhere between 50%-100% of the employee paycheck. For example, a company may be paying a staffing agency $30 per hour for your services, but the staffing agency only pays you $15 per hour. Because this is how the agency gets paid for their services, you do not pay the staffing agency for placing you in a job. 

3. How Do Staffing Agencies Find Clients?

Staffing agencies find clients much in the same way a regular company will. Often, they will post specific positions on job boards, social media, or email marketing. Essentially, to find clients, staffing agencies will spread the word similarly to any other job opening. 

Therefore, if you are trying to find a staffing agency, search job boards, and social media often. However, staffing agencies don’t always have huge followings on social media, so following the agencies on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn can keep you informed about any new job openings. 

4. Do Staffing Agencies Have To Pay Unemployment?

It is possible to collect unemployment in between temporary assignments. However, there are determining factors that can prevent you from collecting unemployment. For example, if you quit your job, the staffing agency generally doesn’t have to pay unemployment. Moreover, unemployment benefits are calculated based on the wages you earn in the first 12-15 months of work. To collect unemployment, you need to ensure you are working regularly during this initial “base period.” 

To ensure you qualify for unemployment benefits, you will have to contact your staffing agency regularly. This is especially important if the staffing agency believes you might have quit your temporary job. There are instances, however, where an agency might pay unemployment before or after working a temp job. 

5. How Long Can a Temporary Employee Be Considered Temporary?

Generally, temporary employees cannot work for more than two years. Essentially, temporary works will be with a company for a maximum of one year, but that time can be extended for another year. Any longer and the company will have to offer the employee a permanent position. 

Additionally, temporary workers cannot exceed 1,040 hours a year. That amounts to about twenty hours per week.

Find the Right Staffing Agency!

Now that all your questions about staffing agencies have been answered, you’ll want to find the best agency for you. Corporate Job Bank, for example, is one of the premier staffing agencies in Arizona. Contact them today for more information about how they can place you in the best job possible! 

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