An App A Day – 6 Android Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle

Are you looking for a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle? One that embodies your mind, body, and spirit? We’ve compiled a balance of Android apps to create your best life.

Our collection of apps complement one another for a measured approach to wellness. It only makes sense to also count how many calories are in a piece of pizza after running five miles.


Here are your 6 Android Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle.

  1. Ease Into It

Yoga daily fitness- Yoga workout plan – New to yoga? (Or, maybe every day feels like you’re new to yoga…?) The yoga daily fitness app provides step-by-step instructions for yoga poses, including visuals and descriptions of how the pose should “feel.”

This free app offers a 30-day yoga regimen, and yes, the first day is appropriately titled, “Ease Into It.” You can set the yoga alarm to remind you, “It’s yoga time!”

Plus, yoga daily fitness provides that peaceful yoga music…the only thing you need to bring is your mat!

  1. Go For a Run!

Runtastic: Whether you want to go for a run, take a walk, cycle, or walk on your hands from point A to point B, Runtastic will track your route via GPS. And if you want more than your miles, this app provides metrics such as graphs and fitness tracking.

Plus, if you like apps that play nice, Runtastic supports Wear OS, as well as integrates with Google Fit and MyFitnessPal.

In addition to providing a voice coach, Runtastic also tracks your shoes: “Time for a new pair!” It’s almost like the app does the running for you! Almost…

  1. Time for Bed!

Sleep as Android – Do you ever wake up tired after plenty of sleep? Well, Sleep as Android devised a solution for us. This app tracks your sleep cycle and gently wakes you during your optimal sleep phase! Whaaaat?

Yes! And not only does Sleep as Android help you awake with light and the sounds of nature, but this app also helps you fall asleep by playing natural sounds featuring binaural beats all the while recording and tracking sleep talking and snoring.

You may be wondering, how do sleep monitors work? We were wondering the same thing and found an answer for you.

  1. Pump it Up!

StrongLifts 5×5 – Strength training isn’t just for the big guys in the gym. Strength training helps all of us quickly lose body fat and burn calories – all day! Whether you’re a beginner or you are in need of consistency, Stronglifts offers exercise routines, including workout videos, for everyone.

In addition to logging your stats, checking your lift calendar, and timing your workouts, you can backup your data to the cloud and train with your Wear OS.

And the best part of strength training with StrongLifts? Three days a week! The app coaches you through 45-minute sessions!

  1. Count Those Calories!

MyFitnessPal – We know, we know. Counting calories is a pain in the place where we wish calories didn’t count… If there’s such a thing as an easy way, MyFitnessPal offers it.

With more than five million foods in its database and the option to add multiple foods at once, counting calories with this app is as easy as eating!

If you also wanted to track your exercise, MyFitnessPal can do that, too! The app’s fitness feature offers 350 cardio and strength training exercises. Wait, we’re supposed to exercise AND watch what we eat?!

  1. Just Breathe

Headspace – Now that we’ve cluttered your device with apps, let’s unclutter your mind, allowing you to use them. The Headspace app helps us meditate. And meditation helps us do everything else.

This app holds your hand through any situation that causes discomfort. Headspace offers several methods to pull you into mindfulness. There is even a notification to remind you to breathe! (Was I holding my breath again?)

Seriously, Headspace teaches the essentials of meditation and mindfulness in a basics course and helps you manage anxiety and relieve stress. Yes, please!

The Headspace app can change your life in a few minutes a day. It’s all about mindfulness.

Whether you’re building your muscles at the gym or stretching out those muscles on your yoga mat, these six apps can help you be your best self! And remember, we can’t do any of this well without enough sleep and a clear mind. We hope these Six Healthy Android Apps bring you the peace and happiness you deserve.

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