Android 18 Is Android’s Twin Sister 17 And Is One Of The Dragon Ball Games ‘ Primary Protagonists

Android 18 is Android’s twin sister 17 and is one of the Dragon Ball games ‘ primary protagonists. Cell swallowed her to achieve his perfect form, but after punching Cell so forcefully that it made him add up 18, Gohan rescued her. Then Krillin shielded her during the Gohan-Cell fight. As a consequence, 18 dropped in love with Krillin and ultimately the two got married and had a girl called Marron. 18 The true name is Lazuli, the very first wife of Krillin.

Android 18 plays a big part in this movie. Since Mr. Satan has not yet paid Android 18 for her prize money cut, she goes to his personal mansion alongside Krillin, Goten and Trunks, with her entering and destroying much of his property to get him to fork over the promised cash (with Mr. Satan explaining that he can’t give her the money as the money order hasn’t yet come). However, as she is about to leave the mansion, she is disrupted by the appearance at Mei Queen Castle of Men-Men, the sister of Mr. Satan’s ancient colleague, Lord Jaguar, who is blackmailing Mr. Satan to fight his Bio-Warriors.


Android 18 is one of Dragon Ball Fighter Z’s most distinctive protagonists. Not only does she have some very helpful items with distinctive features to assist her battle, but she also has her twin sibling Android 17. This allows for a lot of interesting situations, setups, and Android 18 combos that wouldn’t have other personalities.

Android 18 is one of Dragon Ball Fighter Z's

Android 18 was developed by the Red Ribbon Army’s crazy scientist Dr. Gero. Although in the English version she’s called an Android, she’s a cyborg, officially human strengthened with nano-technology to be transformed into a superhuman man-made. Her initial name was Lazuli. Lazuli and her sister Lapis, who would become Android 17, were abducted, and the two were just a pair of the many people Gero had used for his studies as guinea pigs.

18 Gero was awakened to bring on the Z-Fighters from her stasis. 17 Shortly after his activation, Gero murdered Gero, resenting the concept of serving someone with authority over him and his sibling throughout his life. Although all 17, 18 and Android 16 were still placed on their main programming, Goku’s death, they were all much more eager to live lives to the fullest and went on a run of abject devastation and self-gratification. Android 18 gets to the realization after being assaulted by Cell and saved by Gohan that she is not the Z-Fighters ‘ foe and becomes an ally. Android 18, through the Majin Buu Saga, chooses to promise its attempts to assist the Z-Fighters to save the planet.



Android 18 stays stoic and sarcastic in most situations even when it crosses from villain to hero. Android 18 looks after her sister Marron, her friend, and ultimately Krillin, but is less than invested in her surroundings. Like her sister, Android 18 has everything to do with searching for herself or those immediately linked to her. At first, she sees violence as enjoyable, but ultimately she gets tired of it, not for moral reasons, but because she gets jaded at it.

Android 18 was initially a man named Lazuli, and her twin sister, Lapis, was the eldest. The twins were known delinquents who, while searching for new information for his studies, Dr. Gero would encounter by opportunity. They were then abducted and restructured into Android 18 and Android 17. Despite being referred to as androids or cyborgs and frequently considered as such, however, neither are Android 18 nor her sibling. While gazing at the 17’s blueprint, Bulma said he was human-based, but with bio-organic parts, just about everything has been improved.



Krillin: The first two met when the Z-Fighters were beaten by 17 and 18, although none of them hurt Krillin, 18 kissed him in the test and said “See you shortly. She later offered it to Krillin to ruin her when Bulma created a key that would ruin 18, but Krillin denied and demolished it. Krillin protected 18 during the battle between Gohan and Cell, so she wouldn’t get harmed. Krillin wanted to remove 17 and 18 self-destructing equipment after the fight was over. 18 falls in love with him because of that, and the two ultimately married and had a girl named Marron.

Android 17 – Android 17 is the twin sister of 18. The two are getting along very well, though sometimes 18 calls him “stupid.” The two of them did not interact again after the Cell saga until the Universal Survival Saga of Dragon Ball Super when 17 joined the team of Universe 7 for the Power Tournament.

Goku – 18, 16 and 17 were initially scheduled to murder Goku but did not do so after Gohan and the Z-Fighters conquered Cell and rescued them. When Goku returned seven years ago, 18 years ago, and he did not communicate so much. Also, Goku was appalled to learn that 18 might have a child.

Gohan – Although in the movie the two never interacted so much, it was Gohan who saved 18’s lives when he hit Cell so forcefully that it made him drop 18. So she probably thanked Gohan for that. 18 She also discovered Gohan murdered Cell very pleased, likely because she was afraid of Cell. Also when Gohan was about to murder Super Buu, Buu informed him that if he did it would also destroy all his colleagues, including 18. Gohan did not dare to destroy him because of that.


Android 16: Both of them seem to be very near to each other as they like to hang out and protect each other very much. Subsequently, in the Cell Saga, 16 and 18 seem to have more of a brother-sister connection as they always look out for each other and 18 treat him as a brother and see him as their greatest buddy. 18 is presumably notified after Cell’s victory by the 16’s death Z-Fighters and seems to be very unfortunate to hear the news and mourn his passing.

Bulma – Both of them seem to be very near buddies and in circumstances, they like to assist each other out.

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