5 Best Gadgets That You Can Buy In Amazon Prime Day 2019


July is coming, which means that the time of Amazon Prime Day sales is also getting closer and closer. During these couple of days, the sellers give each of us an opportunity to buy almost anything with huge discounts and bonuses. We are sure that many of you have already made a list of goods that they are going to purchase. But if someone is still thinking about what he wants to update in his house, then we offer you the top 5 interesting and useful gadgets. Don`t miss the chance to get a good helper or just a nice trinket for ridiculous money.

Sony ICF-C1PJ Smart Alarm Clock

Unusual alarm clock ICF-C1PJ from Sony Company will become love at first sight and a pleasant start to a new day. This gadget gently awakens its host from sleep by consistently playing the five sounds of nature. You set the time to wake up, and at the appointed hour, the alarm clock turns on natural compositions, each time increasing the volume, and smoothly wakes you up without stress for the body. Sleep all night sweetly, and in the morning wake up to the sound of the sea surf, the singing of birds, the rustle of rain and a forest stream. You can also install a program for a smooth falling asleep, and then a smart alarm clock will play you tender melodies or the same sounds of nature. In the case of a power failure or accidental disconnection of the power cord, the backup battery system preserves the clock and alarm settings. You can view the exact time on the display with the backlight adjustment function or on the wall and ceiling of your bedroom, as it is projected onto these surfaces to keep you always aware. Also, the alarm clock has a built-in radio and a USB port for charging a smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, or other devices.

Kindle Oasis eBook

For those who like reading, we offer to take advantage of the Prime Day sale and purchase the thinnest Kindle Oasis eBook created by Amazon itself. The gadget is almost as weightless as paper and thinner than any other eBook. The display thickness is a little more than 3 millimeters so that users can enjoy reading while holding the reader in their hands for several hours. Pages are flipped with the help of the touch screen or physical buttons designed for this purpose. It doesn’t matter whether the user is left-handed or right-handed – the image is automatically reversed for the reader’s convenience. The pixel density is 300 pixels at a diagonal of 6 inches. Oasis has 10 LEDs for backlighting, and the battery lasting for several months, although you have the opportunity to buy an additional charging case for even more extended work. 4 gigabytes of internal memory will accommodate several thousand books.

Roomba 980

Such a relatively inexpensive and hi-tech tip will help you to avoid housecleaning forever. Roomba 980 is one of the most popular robot vacuum cleaner models all over the world. As many other vacuums, it works autonomously, charges from a special station, sweeps, and vacuums different types of flooring. But we still see some important advantages.

The management of all functions is performed via a smartphone so you can give a command to start cleaning, set a schedule, watching your assistant and its work, change the settings. Roomba 980 has a set of sensors and the technology of mapping the space thanks to which it independently moves around the room, bypasses obstacles, and detects pollution. Height sensors prevent falling, and two additional virtual walls help limit the cleaning area. The quality of cleaning of this vac is significantly superior to many other models due to the new technology vSLAM IROBOT due to which it doesn`t randomly move around the room but goes along parallel paths avoiding obstacles that arise. Another advantage of this vacuum cleaner is iAdapt 2.0 technology. That means that Roomba 980 determines the type of cover. When passing from parquet to carpet, the vacuum cleaner will determine the change and start the Carpet Boost function, which increases the suction power, providing better cleaning. All the air vacuumed during the cleaning goes through a HEPA filter that holds particles and allergens up to 1 micron in size, and comes out clean. So this cleaner will become an irreplaceable helper for people suffering from allergy or for families with children and pets.

Topgreener Smart Outlets TGWF215U2A

Smart outlets are no longer a rarity in many homes. These small devices cost a penny and benefit millions. Topgreener, like many of its brethren, is remotely controlled from a smartphone app or Wi-Fi connection. It gives the owner the ability to set a work timer, schedules, turn on/off, and monitor connected devices. In case of any danger or short circuit, the outlet informs you and prevents terrible consequences. Built-in dual USB ports supply 2.0 Amp capacity and recharge different gadgets. The set already includes all necessary wiring for easy installation.

Nebia Spa Shower

Nebia Inc. Company has recently released an innovative shower that doesn`t just supply water but literally sprays it on a person. The holes in the shower head are so small that they turn water into the smallest droplets that envelop a person. At the same time, the shower is not inferior to ordinary models and even has 10x more spray coverage. That`s why due to the purchase of such a device, you can save up to 70% of water consumption and at the same time lose nothing in purity or comfort. A new shower is quite expensive, but the first consignment was sold out very quickly. And with the Amazon Prime Day discount, the goods will be bought up even faster, so hurry up to take a queue and get real space technologies in your bathroom.


Well, this list is really endless. Amazon offers a variety of devices in various fields, from housekeeping to entertainment. In fact, updating your arsenal of interesting and useful gadgets is not so difficult and expensive as it seems to us. And if you can`t venture on a costly purchase now, then we advise you to wait until Prime Day start and get the coveted device at half the price.  

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