A Guide to Improving Your Broadband Speed

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A Guide to Improving Your Broadband Speed

The level of broadband speed you need depends on the type of household you are.  If you are just using one device to stream movies, watch TV on demand, Skype, surf or message, you’ll probably be fine with a download speed of around 10Mbps.  On the other hand, if your household is one with lots of multiple, simultaneous usage such as running a home business, live streaming, bitcoin mining, and 4K streaming, you are probably going to need somewhere in the region of 200Mbps.  Whatever the delivery speed of your package it makes sense to make sure that you are getting the best out of it. Don’t just assume that you are getting the download speed you signed up for. You can check your broadband speed here.  Once you know what speed you’ve got you can see whether any changes that you make improve the speed you are getting.

Is Your Router In The Best Position?

You don’t really like the look of it, so you’ve tucked it neatly away in a cupboard.  Well, that’s going to reduce the speed for a start. The best place for a router is high up on a shelf, that’ll give you the best speed and it’s also out of harm’s way.  The closer your devices are to the router, the better the speed, so if you conduct most of your Wi-Fi access in the living room, that would be the smart place to put the router.  If you want coverage throughout your home, then you should choose a central location.

Is Your Wi-fi Secure?

Most routers are automatically password protected but if yours isn’t, or you’ve turned the password off, get that router secure immediately, otherwise, neighbors and passersby can use your Wi-Fi for free and your download speed will slow right down. More importantly, it’s a serious security risk.

Is Your Computer Running Unnecessary Applications?

Is your computer running unnecessary applications

Your computer may be running applications that use the Internet and are consequently dragging down your download speed. Use the task manager on your computer to review the programs you are running and close down the ones that you don’t want.

Consider Getting A Powerline Adaptor

Powerline adaptors can be an inexpensive way to boost your download speeds in the parts of your home which are furthest from your router.  They use the electricity powerlines in your home to boost your signal from room to room.

Consider Switching Broadband Provider

If you are dissatisfied with the broadband speeds that you are getting or if your consumption requirements suddenly change, perhaps because you’ve acquired more devices or you are starting to use the Internet in more download hungry ways, it could be time to get a new provider.  Around 34% of all premises could upgrade from their slower service to superfast services, according to Ofcom.  You should always look carefully at enticing introductory offers and any hidden add on costs before making a final decision.

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