7 WooCommerce Tips that will Help Improve Your Website

WooCommerce is currently one of the most popular and highly recommended ecommerce plugins out there. It’s a great platform to build your first online shop and is flexible enough to adapt to your growing needs as you scale.

If you have an existing WooCommerce shop that’s not been performing as you expected it to, there are plenty of measures you can take to increase traffic to your site and improve your revenues. Here are seven tips to help you get more out of your WooCommerce store.

Create An Attractive Store Design

Any e-commerce store catering to individual shoppers (as opposed to B2B clients) needs to look attractive, neat, uncluttered and easy to navigate. The UX and UI design of your online store are important elements in creating a shop that people will be interested in exploring.

A user-friendly interface is the backbone of any successful online store and it has been shown to have a massive impact on conversion rates. This is why the world’s most successful online shopping destinations invest a great deal on creating a seamless user experience. So make your investment count and have your developers focus on exceptional user experience when designing your store.

Bring In well-known Brands

Bring In well-known brandsYour industry must have successful brands that consumers recognize as the key players in that particular niche. If your store offers a variety of different labels, rope in brands that will attract more visitors to your site. Showcase products that are in line with your e-commerce goals and that will help boost your revenues by bringing the vast customer base they have already.

Offering local labels with a large pool of fans not only adds to the value of your new e-commerce shop, but it also helps create a larger network of potential customers easily and quickly.

Make Security A Top Priority

You cannot have a successful e-commerce site if it does not offer foolproof data security. As customers will be logging in and entering their personal information, you need to have a robust security system in place. Install top-notch security plugins to secure your e-store and have an SSL certificate in place to keep hackers at bay. Your customers’ information should be protected at all costs if your e-business is to thrive in a volatile environment.

Craft Impressive Product Descriptions

Nothing mars a user’s impression of a product or service more than poorly written descriptions that are too long, full of grammatical errors or not impressive enough. While you build a technically excellent site, pay equal attention to the text and images you use.

Product descriptions need to be crisp, and yet they should help a potential customer understand the product and its features. Hire a professional writer well-versed in the art of writing sales copy and nifty descriptions that will hold a visitor’s attention. Support the text with high-quality optimized images across the store. Make sure your images are the right size so that they will load quickly.

Use A Secure Hosting Service

If you have your own servers, protect your hosting server with firewalls and strong passwords. If your store is hosted on a hosting provider, ensure that they use server-level security so that your site is well protected.

If you’re building a new e-commerce shop from scratch, consider WooCommerce as it’s a tried and tested platform that offers a wide range of features. Use a promo code for great discounts on hosting your WooCommerce site on a platform that has been providing a seamless web hosting experience to customers across industries since 2004.

Create Daily Offers

When you have daily deals that offer a little extra to your customers, you’ll have their undivided attention. E-commerce sites that sell items of personal use benefit greatly by offering daily discounts, limited period offers and special concessions to returning customers. This also helps build brand loyalty and makes people visit your store more frequently and spend more time while they’re there.

Simplify Your Checkout Process

If your WooCommerce shop is not getting the sales you expected, take a critical look at your checkout process to determine how easy it is for customers to check out and make a payment. A hassle-free checkout experience is essential to the success of an e-store that doesn’t want a sale to be abandoned at the last moment. Aim for a single-click checkout process—a hot favorite among online shoppers. The smoother your navigation and ultimate checkout/payment system, the greater will be the customer satisfaction you deliver with each item sold.

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