How to Stop Sluggish Macbook Performance


A brand new Macbook is going to last for a while. macOS is known for its stability and longevity. However, there will come a time when you notice that the computer is not performing as great as it did in the beginning. That is not something to worry about as most devices feel sluggish after a few years. And there is certainly no need to think about purchasing a new model. You can do plenty of things to boost the performance, and it may seem like the Macbook is as…

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Use Pirate Bay Alternatives When TBP Doesn’t Work

pirate bay

Can’t believe your eyes when seeing that The Pirate Bay is down? Wonder why has this happened exactly when you were going to watch your favorite movie? No need to get upset. There are many reasons why the most popular torrent tracker may not respond. But this doesn’t mean that there are no win-win ways to access the necessary media content.  Thepiratebay is one of the websites that are on the block list in many countries. Have you discovered that your government blocked it as well? First, you may try…

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