Sockshare, an Online Movie Streaming Service!


Wouldn’t you like to download and watch movies online? Looking for a good free streaming platform for movies? So Sockshare is the one to which you should travel. It’s very easy nowadays to watch movies online. There are many websites that you can watch streaming films on the Internet. But the tricky thing is to find a true site that allows you to watch free movies without registration. Films are now the leading source to entertain the generations through the fact that they try a lesson to make an impact…

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London gets Jeff Goldblum’s Bare-Chest Statue!

Jeff Goldblum

In July 2018 in London, Now TV was set up to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park (1993), the American actor barechested Jeff Goldblum statue. Installed at Potters Fields Park, near Towerbridge, the 7.6-meter statue of 150 kilograms (330 lbs) portrays the person of Dr. Ian Malcolm Goldblum who created a scene in the film by leaning with his shirt open. The piece was mounted between 18 and 26 July 2018. A “Jurassic Jeff” or “Tyrannosaurus Pecs” is an example of the statue that took 250 hours to complete.…

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