10 SEO Blunders That You Should Absolutely Avoid In 2019

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is undoubtedly an essential investment for any business today. It aims to keep your site ranking high in searches so that customers may click and access it. The success that a robust SEO strategy can fetch for your business is immense but achieving it is easier said than done. The key hindrance is the ever-changing ranking algorithm of Google that always keeps you on your toes. Beyond keeping pace with algorithmic changes, there are several common mistakes that search marketers make. Here are the ones that you need to be aware of so that you can avoid them.

Focusing Only On On-site Seo

Your on-site SEO is absolutely critical because the website has to be well-optimized to be able to rank high. This means that you need to have great content that is optimized with the right keywords. Also, the design and navigation should be user-friendly. Speed optimization is another element that can have a positive impact on the ranking of your website. Though all these factors matter, just focusing on them and ignoring off-site aspects like link building will not get you desired results.

Ignoring “Google My Business Listing”

Google My Business Listing

Another mistake that can cost you dearly is not paying attention to Google My Business listings. With Google giving importance to “near me” searches, this is an opportunity that you cannot afford to miss. Also, listing makes it easier for customers to locate your address and get the contact details. Further, the reviews posted on it strengthen your reputation. Therefore, you must maintain the listing and update it when needed.

Not Optimizing For Voice Searches

Voice technology has come to the forefront since last year and this trend is going to continue in 2019 and ahead too. The reason of the voice technology gaining popularity is that the millennial users prefer hands-free searches to textual ones. Not optimizing your website for voice searches can push you far behind on search rankings. Primarily, you need to focus on conversational keywords and use them in your content so that your site automatically turns up when the user speaks these queries.

Buying Backlinks Instead Of Building Natural Ones

A common error that SEO marketers may make is to buy backlinks instead of building them naturally. This may seem like an easy route considering that you can just spend some money and buy them but you may end up being penalized by Google for this malpractice. Your focus should be on building a strong backlink profile with a large number of backlinks on high-quality, niche-relevant sites that will surely direct quality traffic to your site.

Not Using The Right Anchor Text Strategy In Link Building

An optimized anchor text strategy can do wonders for your search rankings while one that is unplanned will bring no results. You should know what the right mix is and implement it accordingly. Adam White explains in the article entitled SEO Backlink Strategy That Works Like Magic that at least 90% of the links you build to your homepage should be branded links, or links that use the name of your brand as the anchor text. Google trusts these links more than links using key phrases. There are several other anchor text guidelines that you must absolutely follow.

Not Running Regular Site Audits

You may be handling the entire aspects of SEO to perfection but not running periodic site audits can get things out of hand. An audit basically reviews the website from a user’s perspective, with respect to factors such as loading speed, ease of navigation, mobile responsiveness, relevance of content and more. It is like a health checkup for your website which is absolutely essential to keep it ranking high.

Not Adding Fresh, Quality Content On Your Website

Having a blog on your website has dual benefits. It can be used to serve informative and engaging content to the users. Additionally, it gets your site refreshed, which benefits your search rankings. Not running a blog is another blunder that can cost you loss in rankings. Similarly, you should also avoid having stale content on your business website, You can check it by visiting https://www.plagiarism-checker.me/. Refreshing it regularly in tune with the latest updates in the industry helps and so does adding useful information such as FAQs.

Stuffing Keywords Into Your Content

Another adverse mistake that you should avoid is to overstuff the content with keywords. Remember that content is not to be created for SEO but for serving valuable information to the target audience. Cramming too many keywords and phrases into the website copy or content marketing write-ups may, in fact, do more harm than good as it can invite penalty from Google. The idea is to find the right balance between keyword-optimization and storytelling.

Not Targeting The Right Keywords

Failing to do enough keyword research and not targeting the right ones is another reason that you may be unable to achieve measurable results with your SEO strategy. The key lies in having unique keyword targeting for the different pages of the website so that you can rank for all of them. Craft the content, URL, title, etc in a way that your keywords are fitted naturally within them. Even small content adjustments can go a long way in optimizing the website and improving its ranking and traffic.

Considering Seo As A One-time Task

Usually, small businesses follow a “set it and forget it” approach for SEO but this single mistake can lead to the loss of all the good work done. Having your website fall from rankings after months of efforts can cause extensive loss of sales and even your reputation. The right mindset is to have a dedicated team looking after ongoing SEO, tweaking the strategy continues to align with the changing algorithms. Additionally, you must keep a constant check on the technical parameters as well.

Now that you know all about the common SEO errors that may impact your business to a considerable extent, it will be easier to avoid them. This is a smart approach that guarantees better and sustainable results for your business, all with fewer efforts and within a shorter span of time.

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