10 Awesome Cheat Code Hacks To Help You

We all have played games and felt really disturbing when we can’t complete a mission even when playing it over and over again. I remember those old days when I used to play the game IGI (I’m Going In) and got on that 7th mission – Border Crossing. It was one heck of a snow freeze map, engaging and filled with deadlock head-dotted targeting enemies. Though, I never wanted to use cheat codes for clearing this mission and would definitely you guys as well to not use sneak shortcuts that make you cruel-life challenging lazy. What I do recommend before applying video game level up cheat codes breakthroughs, are definitely walk throughs. Giving you a clear-cut passageway with same opponent obstacles stretch to at least synchronize in with the gaming sense. Hence, letting you leniently learn and desperately dodge at the same time. At some point, we all need a mentor spirit to help along our roguish way when we’re consistently losing roughly and getting those rare luck winning moments out of millions of tries.

There’s a time when we all need a PP for the Pew Pew action – PP – ‘Pro Practicing’ is something that shouldn’t be illegal when you’re a newborn aka ‘Noob’ to a specific game. Especially FPS (First Person Shooting) game when you’re spawned and become dead meat in matter of seconds. You get used to it and don’t even feel like an idiot and go on with the flow. But sometimes you need to let it go and gain conscience against those loose-cool guys and girls trying to outsmart your patience while bullying your not-so-cool gaming temperament. Do remind them about their cool graphics endorsed game setup while you’re on an outdated Dual Core PC – this is one of the biggest dilemma professional gamer’s overlook, thinking they’re bosses of ultimate skills. But it’s never the case. They’re just overloaded with chic looking up to date gaming stations.

Nothing more like it Mario with a trench coat cosseted with mushrooms heightening your game growth status. You’re playing the game to the point but with already awarded bonuses. *THIS CHEAT IS ABSOLUTELY LEGAL* in the case if you’re a beginner/newbie

Yeah I know! It’s lame to discuss a thoughtfully prolonged note of mine when you’re rightly delved for getting those shortening snitches to keep you covertly off-target with overpowering powers and hammers. So let’s check out some amazing cheat code hacks from popular video games. These can absolutely save your life from getting rewarded awkward titles like newbie, newb, noob, n00b, or any of those made to freak you out of your comfort zones. I’ll try to keep the most 10 popular video game cheat codes of their time aligned for you:

1. Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Military Unit Upgrade Hack – Cnc’s Best Game

I know, I know! Most of you guys haven’t this oldschool game that gives you a huge perspective of how RTG (Real Time Strategy) games have evolved over the years. But if you want to check this out and you’re a new to this particular game genre then you’re totally allowed to overwhelm pro gamers out there. All you have to do is at least give a minor damage to one of your very own structures by simply selecting a GI unit or any other – pressing ctrl and on your buildings – STOP! Do not select the spanner on the screen but select an engineer and dot multiple patrol points before clicking on the damaged structure. In the meantime select your spy and merge it with one of the dots – release ctrl and see the magic. I recommend that you stop your engineer as it moves on with his wrench-fixing case. Select spanner and restore your structure back to its 100% concrete shape. Enjoy the ^ level up! Do it only once and of course it happens only once ^ ;). Mind it!

2. Warcraft

*Whos Your Daddy* aren’t kind words at all and really hurts bad and it “Literally does.” When you enter this cheat code you become an invincible player with a single hit annihilation progress. Keeping it straightforward without hiding any better cheat code than this one. Give instant poundings to your enemies with a single hit to rock powder it all.

3. Grand Theft Auto V/ Gta V

This game beats all odds and has its very own huge directory of some awesome cheat codes you can apply to your street-to-road crime gaming experience. You can apply lots of fancy stuff via cheats on this global videogame chartbusting hit i.e. upgrading your weapons, inducing shortcuts, upgrading your vehicles, so on and so forth. But here’s the best gear on deals when it comes to the solid-state GTA cheat code.

For (PS3/4) Invincibility – RIGHT, X, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, R1, RIGHT, LEFT, X, TRIANGLE

For (PC) Invincibility – PAINKILLER

4. Fortnite

One of the most popular games these days is Fortnite. The game is materialistic raw yet remarkable with its hit to hit hypes among players from around the world Though, you won’t get fully loaded cheat codes at free of cost cache conclusions, but we’ve gathered a few trick hacks you can work out with and get honored ammo and log horde figures right on your screens with much more tactical maneuverings.

  • Get up to places by using just tires with having equal fun. The best part about this is that it let gets you higher than the actual game constructs i.e. allowing you an upper hand against your opponents. Moreover, you don’t have to use any materials in doing say.
  • As the game gets near to the end, supply drops are consistently visible in the skies. I know you cannot delay any moment not to get your hands on some of the most rarest weapons available in the game – Pump/Tactical Shotgun, Rare Pistol, Scar-L Guns, Sniper Rifles (incl. Bolt Action Sniper Rifle of course), Drum Gun and what not. But all you have to do is stay calm and wait for other opponents to try get their hands on that balloon draped crates. Take easy shots while they’re trying to get the best surprise of their lives. Sooner or later, you can get it yourselves when the terrain is clear enough.
  • Try knocking off buildings right from their cores to get the perfect damage. Dismantle the whole structure with speedy axe hits. Also, you can find yourselves some crazy stuff hidden inside as well.

Similarly, there are lots of ways (tips, tricks and hacks) that you’ll find on the internet. So do a little hectic research to get the best ways to tackle other Fortnite opponents.

5. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

One of the best fighting games when it comes to the street fighting videogame genre. Having the made ultimate made it so satisfying i.e. with the help of a single cheat code you gain access to all special types of cheat categories. Let it be Fatality, Brutality or even Babality, you get instant access to all of them. But you should know those specific characters cheat codes to execute them. So here’s what you should type – A C Up B Up B A Down. Tada!

Try this as well – “Forward Up B B A Down Up B Down Up B.”

6. Konami Code For Konami Videogames

The Konami Holdings Corporation will do anything to keep gaming awe-inspiring. Coming from the Japanese background, we can guesstimate how they’d be improvising with their cultural video game addiction of Harley Quinn Jacket. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start – one of most explicit cheat code in human gaming history. A must try indeed!

7. Pubg – Playerunknown Battlegrounds

Here’s the biggest FPS hype from the last year and it’s still gaining grounds to get the gun reloads done now and then. The bitter truth is that this game hasn’t been an easy “crack in the shell’ Kind of game and is being monitored and (even surveyed) by other players to let creators know of such malefactors. But, a few tips and tricks would definitely take off the rough terrains off your grounds. So here you go:

  • Don’t try to be rigid when you’re in a team of 3-4 players i.e. always try to engage in a defensive act along them but don’t bother to pick up stashes of weaponry and other possible prerequisites.
  • One of the best tip I can give you is to walk, run and fight the very same time. This will definitely apply a dodgy effect as well as demonstrate your utmost gaming potentials.
  • One of the saddest tips I can share with you guys is to kill all those helpless players new to the game. You can also try to act like one though (in order to give an imitation), but you’re on a double-dealing mode and can’t stop at all costs.

The internet is filled with some incredible tips and tactics you can apply to your PUBG gameplay method. The one’s I’ve mentioned are for starters and not for you.

8. The Witcher

One of the coolest games you can play when you’re too much into fantasy alongside adventure. The fact that is a novel based video game creates a double effect hype as well. The Witcher game series is full of surprises and has a GTA Vice City touch to it due to a huge collection of cheats’ codes under its belt. But one of my favorite ones is ‘killall’ – taking out all those in the area engaged in combat. Incontestably, TW video game series is one of the best of its kind and still people are very much loving this to the core. There are few hacks for you in order to take monsters down. Do a good Google research to get that “GG’ aka good game upshot done.

9. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Undeniably, this game is one of those games that has an epic story plot to it. It has a lot of LOTR (Lord of The Rings) essence to it. Though, almost everyone would prefer the typical god-mode, but not me. There’s no need of a superfluous cheat code that would not let you enjoy it the least nail biting bits. My favorite cheat for this one of a kind action role-playing video game is ‘psb’ – giving all spells to the player. If you want to know the second one, it is; Toggles no-clip mode via tcl. Imagine using spells, flying and treading through walls.

10. Max Payne

One of those classiest shooting games that needs no introduction at all. I would definitely keep this in my top 10 third-person shooting games of all time. Now let’s get to the cheat straight away. If you’re one of those PC users and love playing video games right on your desktop/laptops, go the game console after initializing maxpayne.exe together with the “-developer” command. As soon as the game loads, press F12 to return to console and type in “Get Bullet Time” to load in your bullet time meter as soon as it gets out of ammo. Enjoy!!

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